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How to Choose Your Genre to Find Your Audience

Deciding how to choose your genre as an author is a very important factor in your road to success. You have to be sure that there is a market for it and that you will be able to deliver. There is no right or wrong choice in general, but rather a right or wrong choice for you as an individual. This is why it is important to know what you love to write about before you can go any further. If you are stuck at this point, I have some tips that might help you get to a conclusion.

Know your audience

Take a minute and imagine what your potential readers look like, who they are and what they are looking for. Put yourself in their shoes and spend a day in their lives if you can. You don???t have to physically do so, but let your imagination take you there. Are your readers??? professionals looking for intellectual information or are they teenagers trying to find a story they can relate to? If you know your audience, you will be able to cater for their needs.

Popular genres

You cannot make a decision on what genre to choose if you do not know what your options are. Are you a hopeless romantic or does crime novels interest you the most? Make sure that you are comfortable with your choice before you commit. Do not let the fear of the unknown hold you back from the direction you want to follow. You can always do some rephrasing online if you are a little unfamiliar with some writing styles. Look at the bestselling list and see what genres appear most. These are probably what the readers love. Try and fit into the top bracket of genres on the best sellers list, unless you are sure of what you want to write about.


After you have done all your research, it is time to commit to the choice you???ve made. If you pick the correct genre and you absolutely love it, you will be able to stay with it for long-term. Do not let other authors??? writing sway you to and fro. Read as many book within the chosen genre and take note of important points. Being an author is more than just putting pen to paper. It is a business and you need to be willing to put the hard work in and lay your foundation. When you write your first book in a specific genre, you should be able to see it through and stay within the set choice. This is how you become a successful author, because people need to know what they can expect from your work.

Remembering you

When you are no longer alive, what would you want people to remember you by? When you come to this conclusion, you have found your genre. Do you want to fill people???s minds with hope of finding true love, or do you want to take them to a world of mystery where nothing is real? What is your main purpose as a writer and what is your end goal? These questions are important if you want to make an impact in today???s world. You surely don???t want to be a forgotten author, but rather remembered for exactly who you were. If you have the ability to think that far, you will surely become a successful author, because you know who you are and who you want to be remembered as.


At some point, you are going to have to start writing and it is not a quick job. We are so lucky to live in these times as we have so many tools available to us. You can find a rephrase tool online and a grammar checker. Being a writer has never been such a perfect choice. Start writing and commit to see the entire process through. There are going to come times when you are probably going to want to give up, but you have to take it till the last word. How many authors have started books and never finished it? That is not going to be you. Now rephrase sentences online with your tools, check your grammar and spelling, and send that novel in for review.


You have it in you to become a bestselling author. It does take a lot of patience at times, but you are not going to let time come between you and your dream. Believe in your abilities and do not let a negative response make you quit. Some of the most popular authors had to go through a lot of rejections before they reached success. Be persistent and see this journey through. Do not ever tell yourself that you are not good enough, because you are.

Guest Posting: Why Do You Have to Try It?

When you are a new blogger, you make sure you write quality content for your own blog, in the hopes that your traffic will increase. Sometimes, that does not happen and can leave a blogger very despondent. What you might not know, is that some bloggers write for other blogs without getting a cent for it. It might sound ludicrous at first, but there are some benefits to writing guest posts. Many new bloggers feel like it is a waste of time writing for someone else???s blog that is already successful, but there is a method to the madness.

When you write for another blog that already has a strong following; you are indirectly marketing your own blog. If your traffic seems to not be growing and your content is already of a high-quality, maybe your blog just needs to be discovered by new viewers. Usually, when you write for another blog, you will get some recognition for the post. The blog, which already has a strong following, will ensure your post be seen by a lot more people and this is how you gain more visitors to your own blog. Here is why you should try guest posting.

Traffic increases

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As mentioned above, you will be able to directly link your blog on an well-known website. From there, you have the chance of gaining more traffic to your own site. Make sure your content is of a high quality and does not contain any grammar mistakes. When I want to correct my grammar, I simply look for a grammar correction website and run my content through it. Also, ensure that your post is adding value to the readers of the website, so that they may search for your blog in the hopes of finding more valuable information.

Relationship building

There is something very valuable in networking with other successful bloggers. If you are constantly adding value to their blogs, you start building a relationship. Blogging can become a frustrating and lonely job, but when you build relationships with others, you are less likely to feel alone. You are also in a position to get some advice from these bloggers, which can only be beneficial for your own website. You might build a partnership with other bloggers and it becomes a beautiful thing in the end. Do not see your competition as enemies, because there are enough online readers for every blog. Instead, build relationships that benefit both parties.

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Improve your skills

It may seem counterproductive to write your best for another blog, but we do that anyway. It might be that we want to impress the blogger and the viewers, but these skills cannot be unlearned. You will go to extra lengths to do a free grammar correction and have your work proofread because you want to be viewed as professional. This will indirectly cause you to write better content for your own blog. When you are writing, it is seen as practicing your skills. Any opportunity to write more should be exciting for a blogger. Writing multiple guest posts will help you become a better writer.

Brand building

If your blog is new and not many people know about it, writing on other sites will advertise your brand. You want to be seen as many times as possible on the web, and this is a great way to build your brand. Every reader on that blog would have seen your brand and even if only a few of them visit your own blog, you would have still created brand awareness to everyone that read your post. If your blog only has 100 followers, but you are writing guest posts for a blog that has 10, 000 followers, you have a better chance of having your blog seen by more online viewers. You need these high audience numbers to see your brand a few times to create brand awareness for your blog.

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See guest posting as a fun job instead of letting it become just another thing you have to do. By writing for other blogs, you are working on your own, even if it does not feel that way in the beginning. With time, you will see your traffic increasing as a direct link to your guest posts. This way, both parties are benefiting and your blog gets free advertising. It is also important for a blogger to enjoy writing and it does not matter who you write for. Practicing is one of the most important things to do as a writer, because you can only improve. The valuable lessons you learn through guest blogging would benefit you on your own blog. Continue to update your own blog as well and try to find the balance between writing for your blog and guest posting. I suggest you give it a try and see those traffic numbers grow.

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Our Write Side is always looking for guest posts. When’s the last time you wrote one?

Perfection Is Overrated

There was an author in the 1920s who wrote 60,000 words a week. I wish I could remember his name. He wrote pulp, he pushed it out as quickly as he could, and the moment it left his typewriter, it was out of his hands. It went to an editor who tailored it to the audience, then the editor shot it to the press, and the author was already likely on his third story. It was crap. He made bank.

A friend of mine writes 10,000 words in one day. This gets sent over to an erotica company where it???s basically unedited. Despite this, it makes more money than my friend makes on any other venture. It allows the other writing ventures to take place. Those 10,000 words once a week become the day job.

Have you read Twilight? When people were demanding it get removed from school libraries, I thought it was so English teachers didn???t have to unteach all that bad grammar. I was appalled anyone would remove content from a library for the material within. But the grammar within made sense. Yet, Stephenie Meyer is rich. She can write or do whatever she wants for the rest of her days.

We are told over and over again perfection is demanded. Don???t have too many adjectives, adverbs are evil, alliteration is for the 15th century, and so on. Some of the authors who follow this are famous and get paid well. Most don???t until they are in the ground.

What if perfection is overrated?

The author, and any artist, often needs to make a choice: money or art.

Twilight will die with this generation. In a century it will be forgotten, some obscure book on some bookshelf, buried in the back of an oversized library. It will be in that area where no one treads, a land where you understand loneliness.

Meanwhile, some book we never heard of will be front and center. English professors will clamor for it. Academia will thrust it in front of youthful minds. It will be the book everyone has read, but no one really read. It???s stuffy, boring, takes a great deal of thought, and sometimes a little LSD.

Which brings us back to perfection. Do we require perfection? Or do we need to grind out words and have a superb marketing department?

I believe in a middle ground. My writing is far from perfect, but I can generally tell a captivating story. I put money and effort into the production so it looks and sounds appealing. A djinn assassin was a character in my first book partially for the book blurb. Once I drop that grain, people stop listening and start pulling out their credit card. Marketing advice: get Square for your phone.

Whether you prefer the art or the money, I hope your writing goes well, and you stop beating yourself up over the small mistakes.

Oh, who am I kidding? We???re all perfectionists in our own way.

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Celebrate Today

July 4th

Light the fires,
Kick the tires,
We???re going on a trip.
Meet us down on Lake Shore Drive,
We???ll sail our tiny ship. ????????????????

A day upon the lake sounds fine,
Let???s pack some food and bring some wine.
We???ll drink and grill on deck,
All our friends will come along,
We???ll even invite Beck.

Fireflies will start the show,
As our excitement begins to grow,
When sunburned day fades into night
And then fireworks will light the sky
As our kids scream with delight.

??2016 Eric Keizer


What does freedom mean to you?


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