Brain to Books Cyber Convention


Hello fans of Our Write Side! Are you looking for a way to get in front of the right readers at the right time, but feel lost and frustrated with marketing? Well, then you definitely want to learn more about Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.

This is a virtual book convention, allowing you, and readers, to participate from the comfort of home. (Because we know that as fun as traditional conventions are, it is just WAY too peopley out there!)

The B2B CyCon is a wonderful way to meet authors and readers. Last year, we had nearly 800 attendees and this year we are anticipating well over 2,000.

Getting in front of all those readers is a great opportunity, but the best part of the convention for authors is all the before-the-events interaction that allows you to network with other authors, learn great marketing skills, get great tips, and have lots of time to plan and put those skills and tips into action to promote your involvement in the convention! The CyCon is put on by the wonderful volunteers of Angela B. Chysler’s Brain to Books, which is a great group of indie authors who work together to help each other succeed.

The excitement is already starting with the Facebook group of nearly 300 authors getting all the goodness and excitement started! Come and join us in Brain to Books closed Facebook group, and get a feel for what the convention is all about. Share this with other authors you know and get networking and learning today! Ready to dive on in? Here is a great article on how to do CyCon for $15 or less.


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