Excerpt: Bounty of the Everdark

Excerpt: Bounty of the Everdark
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Sometimes you just need to read a short little tale that will take you out of your daily routine, and thrust you into another world. A story that will have a sense of closure within a sitting, because even just a few minutes in a book can give you an escape from the daily grind.

Bounty of the Everdark is a short fantasy about a dark elf that discovers a plot to capture the human Queen. Those plotting are none other than two of her own people, so she does everything she can to put a stop to it.

Enjoy this excerpt from Bounty of the Everdark.

The North Moon waxed and waned when the first sound of wood and metal creaked through the Everdark, not a hundred yards below Lorel. It was the first day of a new month and little light was given from above. Excitement was the first reaction to the uncommon sight, but when the horse sigil of the Crown d’Oruth tipped and teetered over the unlevel earth, her stomach soured and her jaw ached in tension. Queen d’Oruth knew what she risked and yet she had come.

“Stupid woman,” Lorel murmured to herself, thinking back on the goblin, Thik’s, own words. She scanned the trees around them and found no sign of any creature in their midst. Drogan and Logil must have drawn everyone away from the path through the Everdark to make sure none would harm her.

She clutched a thick branch above her and swung silent as the night to the boughs below. Her movements were quick and fluid as she slipped through the trees with what speed only the dark elves could achieve and made her way to the edge of the wood. There the path was near its end and there she waited for the Queen’s carriage.

It wasn’t five minutes before the squeaking presence of the Queen reached Lorel. She stood in the road, about ten yards from the Everdark’s exit—still deep enough to be hidden in the forest from anyone waiting to capture the Queen on the outskirts. The anticipated six soldiers were in clear view but the holy men must’ve been seated inside the carriage with the queen. Lorel stood tall and confident.

“Halt!” the soldier on horseback, who rode a few yards ahead, cried. The ring of blades leaving their scabbards sang unanimously. “Stay where you are, dark elf!” the lead commanded.

“I am unarmed,” Lorel called in return with her arms outstretched. “Though the men waiting for you beyond this forest seem prepared for a fight.”

The front soldier’s eyes flickered to the pathway leading out of the Everdark. “Why should we trust a creature of the Everdark?”

Lorel took a step forward, biting her cheeks and holding back a snappy retort. The stories of old were so hard-pressed into the minds of people that convincing the man of the truth in her words seemed like an impossible task—but she had to try. If anyone discovered the involvement of the dark elves in the Queen’s kidnapping, it would surely mean the death of any possible alliance between the races.

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Lilian Oake Lilian (aka L.F. Oake) writes young adult and children's fantasy stories that are good for the soul and teach the reader something if not just to value life and love. She's originally from Phoenix, AZ but now happily lives in the bushy part of North Carolina.

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