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Title: Blackfern Girls Author: Elizabeth Yon Genre: Paranormal

Amazon Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads Blurb: Girlhood is hard. Surviving it in the strange wilderness of Blackfern County is a challenge like no other. Elizabeth Yon’s Blackfern Girls entices with parlor tricks, whispers of abandonment, and tempts innocence to desperate measures, revealing the lethal dangers of coming of age in a place where reality shivers and changes like a theatre scrim.

In “The Undertakers,” Frankie Blanchard’s mother abandons the eight-year-old girl on her sister’s remote farm. Frankie’s cousins, Ariel, and Poppy, are less than happy to receive her. They have a horrifying secret of their own, and Frankie must find the courage to save another innocent.

In “The Skeptic,” Juliet Pinkney is born into a tradition of paranormal chicanery and takes for granted that contact with spirits is a ruse perpetrated on the marks. At the same time her first love blossoms in all its sweetness, she is confronted with the dark reality of Sparrowgate House and pays a terrible price for her disbelief.

In “Local Honey,” Sylvia Peach stands on the cusp of young womanhood, and at the precipice of a repulsive marriage. Her yearning for independence and romance lead her to an alliance with the strange Dark sisters, and the enigmatic Nathan Love. In their forest inn, she will learn that death is a long and varied journey.

In “The Queen of Ever After,” Cricket Carpenter spins worlds, and companions, from air. Abandoned by her father, and orphaned when first her mother, and then her beloved grandmother die, she embarks on a quest for the mythical land of Ever After accompanied by her imaginary father figure, Pop, and Rob, the wild young farm hand.

***I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.***

Elizabeth Yon has a dark, twisted imagination that sinks its claws into you right up to the very last page.  She draws you into this world full of shadows and bumps in the night and drowns you with well-rounded characters. All the stories in this series, stand alone well, yet the transition from one to the next is smooth.

I loved all four of the tales in this collection, but Local Honey was my favorite. It had such an ethereal, Alice in Dead Wonderland feel to it. This book will take up a special spot on my shelf and I look forward to more of Ms. Yon’s delightfully dark tales.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

Elizabeth Yon, author

Elizabeth Yon lives in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in a late-19th-century farmhouse that whispers and groans in the night. The region’s lonely farms and dark-tangled woods find their way into her tales the way shadows slip into a room. Her work has been called atmospheric, haunting, and rich.

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