How to Manage Contracts Efficiently

How to Manage Contracts Efficiently
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Hello Lovely Writers,

As an indie author, you become more than just a writer. You must manage every aspect of your business. Part of that is managing book contracts.

You need to protect your rights and your book. You also know as a savvy business owner that you cannot do all the work yourself. You will hire many different contractors based on your budget, time, skills, and needs. Everything from editors tAngell 4 Authorso cover designers to marketing and Personal Assistants.

You can hope that the people you hire will be professional enough to manage contracts, but in my experience, a lot of them work on the digital handshake method.

This leaves you hanging if things don’t work out. You do not want to risk your masterpiece this way!

You should have contracts drawn up for each project and have them signed before any money exchanges hands.  But if you are working with contractors all over the world, (my cover artist for The Hunters Saga is based out of Greece.) How do you manage contracts? Do you let your work wait for a contract that was sent via certified mail and requires notaries? That could delay project start dates up to a whole week. In the publishing world, that is a long wait.

Why not send a digital contract? They are considered as viable as a physical contract, and in a lot of ways are more secure and don’t require a notary because proving who is who is a lot easier!

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Book Contracts

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I Sign Here is an electronic signature company that you can utilize month-to-month (only $15 a month for a single user) and will provide your e-signature needs. Get your contracts all lined up, and ready to go, get a one-month service contract, send out your contracts and get them signed, and then keep them on record. Or you can get a one year service contractor for only $180. That contract comes with 24/7 support services, unlimited contracts signed each month for one user. If you anticipate needing more than 4 contracts (typically 1 book per year) then this is a wise investment to protect your asset and is far cheaper than alternatives such as Docusign, or .E-signature by Adobe

OWS started working with I Sign Here back in January of this year. We absolutely love the service and Karl Ward has been absolutely great, so when we approached him about an affiliate deal for our readers, we were not the least surprised when he offered this awesome program:

Karl has agreed that any of our members signing up using coupon code OWS2018 will get a 10% discount. 

 So if you sign up for 1 month, (normally $15.) you get it for $13.50. If you sign up for 1 user for 1 year (normally $180) you will get it for $162.  This also applies for group plans, for our fellow indie publishing houses. We have 5 users on ours and it allows us to make sure all the contracts get managed. It really is a fantastic deal and a great way to help you save money. 

Want to learn more about I Sign Here? Visit their website or contact owner Karl Ward.

with your specific questions. Ready to get your own ISignHere Contract going today? Sign up and don’t forget to use our awesome coupon code OWS2018 to get 10% off and get your account within a few hours.

Any questions about digital contracts or I Sign Here? Let us know in the comments below.

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