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October 25, 2015October 22, 2015

Welcome to the debut of our book blog tour service.

Today on Our Write Side, we have two very special guests. Not only do we have authoress P.S. Bartlett here to tell us about her recently released Jaded Tides, but we also have pirate James Robertson, the Jade’s navigator. 

But first, let’s talk about Jaded Tides

Author: P.S. Bartlett
Release Day: October 1, 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction/Adventure/Romance

JADED TIDES: Book Two of the Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales

After finding love in the most unlikely of places, Ivory’s life appears to at last be falling into place. Having proven herself a force to be reckoned with, she has at last set sail for the first time as a pirate. The only problem is she’s a woman and must disguise herself in order to set foot on a ship. Being in love with her captain isn’t helping matters either and whole new set of obstacles are presenting themselves at every turn. Her brash style and tenacity, however, could prove to make her, her own worst enemy.

With a sword in her hand and her new found love at her side, Ivory Shepard is about to embark on a   mission to rescue and return every young woman she can who has fallen prey to the jaded tides of the Caribbean sex trade. Armed with a secret log book she acquired from a pirate captain—who also happened to be an evil smuggler, she believes herself well prepared for the task. As she’s already learned the hard way, pirates always prove to be unpredictable and ruthless. Unfortunately for them, so is she.

P.S. Barlett has quite a collection of books under her name. Here’s a bit about this author:

P.S. (Peggy) has always had a love of books and writing. She also paints and draws and although writing takes up the majority of her free time by choice, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Her first novel “Fireflies” was published in March of 2013 with GMTA Publishing and her second, “Hope From the Ocean” was published in March of 2014, also with GMTA.

As of March 2015, Peggy now independently publishes her own novels.

Peggy’s goal is to become a full time writer and spend the remainder of her days creating worlds, characters and stories that will carry on long after she’s written her last word. Her motto is:

“I’m taking a fantastic voyage. Won’t you join me?”

We had the pleasure of interviewing James Robertson, the Jade‘s navigator.

Name: James Robertson

Occupation: Ship’s Navigator

Age: Twenty

     1.What do you consider your greatest achievement? My Maps. They’re accurate and drawn quite well if I do say so myself.

  1. What is your best physical feature? My eyes. I can see for miles and miles.
  2. What is your most treasured possession? My maps. They contain hours….no, months and months of work.
  3. What or who is the greatest love of your life? My love is the sea and the stars. Although, Madame Ivory insists I’ll marry one of her cousins. I told her in no uncertain terms; I am not the marrying kind.
  4. What is your favorite journey? Ahhhh now you’re asking the right questions. So far this journey I’ve been on with Captain Bergman has been quite the adventure. Although being a navigator, the best journeys are those I haven’t taken yet, as a new map is born or an old map becomes new with the added seascape. I love finding and naming small, uncharted islands.
  5. What is your most marked characteristic? Why, my wit of course.
  6. Define happiness and share your happiest memory. Happiness to me is just being alive. This is a dangerous vocation but as life expectancy goes aboard a pirate ship, I’m quite possibly in the position with the most longevity. They keep me alive, I keep them from running aground or worse, ending up miles off course. Pirates aren’t the brightest sort, you know. I’d have to say my happiest memory was when my mother tossed me out on my ear and made my father bring me along with him aboard a merchant ship. It was he who taught me navigation; the stars, the tides and the phases of the moon. He wasn’t much of a father but he was one hell of a navigator.
  7. What is it that you most dislike? I’ve never liked guns very much. They’re loud and heavy and to be honest, I never really learned to shoot one. My father believed guns had no class or style. Now put a sword in my hand and you’ll see my best feature light up like a full moon.
  8. What is your greatest fear? I suppose the obvious answer would be death but no, not me. My biggest fear is failure. Mistakes in my profession are akin to death as you may end up with the same result.
  9. What is your greatest extravagance? Haha! Look at me! I’m not in this for fame or fortune. I’m in it for the love of the sea and my art.
  10. Who do you most despise? Currently, I hold no ill will towards anyone. I’m a very amiable gentleman and keep company with very few people. Being a navigator is solitary work. If I were ever to despise anyone I can assure you, it would most certainly be someone shooting at my ship.
  11. What is your greatest regret? I have none. Ask me in a few years when I’ve more time as a pirate to reflect upon.
  12. Which talent would you most like to have? I assure my lady, I possess many talents and want for none.
  13. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Perhaps that solitude I spoke of before. No, strike that. I deplore nothing about myself. I think I’m a rather well balanced fellow.
  14. What do you most value in your friends? Before signing on to the Jade, one with a bottle of good rum who knows where to find the best steak dinner. Now, loyalty above all else. Aboard a pirate ship, if your mates don’t have their eye on your back, you’re a dead man.
  15. Who do you most admire? I’d have difficulty choosing between Captain Bergman and Ivory. Captain Bergman is the most honorable man I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and by far the best Captain I’ve ever served. However, I admire Ivory’s strength and bravery. For a young woman to masquerade as a man in order to serve on a pirate ship and ask for no concessions or relief from the harsh realities of that life? That’s someone you don’t run into more than once in a lifetime.
  16. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Monogamy?
  17. Which words or phrases are you known for? That isn’t for me to say…that’s it.
  18. . If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m quite happy as I am.
  19. What is your motto? I’ve never thought of myself as having a motto, whatever that is. However, P.S. (or Peggy as you know her) would probably say my motto is live everyday as if it is your last and enjoy it!

And let’s hear from P.S. herself…

     1.What’s the most inspiring part of where you live? The history! I grew up in what’s now called Federal Hill, and about a mile from Fort McHenry.

  1. Where did the idea for this story come from? I’ve always loved pirate stories but I wanted to write one from a woman’s perspective. I researched female pirates such as Anne Bonny and Grace O’Malley but I wanted a completely different kind of woman and that is what my Ivory has turned out to be.
  2. How long did it take you to write it? I started the series at the end. I wrote The Blue Diamond in the spring and summer of 2014. I’d say it took me about three months including research. After it was released in the fall, many of my readers wanted to know how Ivory became so powerful and ship’s captain at that. It was then I decided I needed to go back to the beginning and start over. From there, Ivory Dawn and Demons & Pearls were born. I wrote Ivory Dawn last winter and released it in early spring of this year. Ivory Dawn is a short novella / prequel to the saga and it’s also featured as a flashback in The Blue Diamond. As soon as it was published, I went to work on Jaded Tides. Jaded tides took me longer than any book I’ve written because my daughter and my three small granddaughters moved in with us. It isn’t easy writing a book when you’re helping with twin toddlers and a five year old every night. I also work a full time job so my writing time is strictly adhered to. I also don’t get much sleep when I’m writing. simple-smile-5779269
  3. Which character has etched it’s way into your heart and why? Ivory all the way. She’s suffered horribly. She’s stubborn but smart. She’s a heart of gold but fiercely protective of her family. She’s a killer but she’s also passionate and loving. Sometimes while I’m writing a scene with her, she breaks my heart. There’s so much going on inside of her that I feel I’ve only scratched the surface.
  4. What are you working on now? I’m currently working on the next book in the series that I am co-writing with a fellow writer named Ronovan Hester. Ronovan invested a lot of time in reading up on the story and characters and he came to me with the idea that we needed to know more about Ivory’s love and captain, Rasmus “Big Red” Bergman. I loved the story he came up with and told him to write it and we’d work on a joint project. The story is in Rasmus’ perspective so having a male voice write the nuts and bolts of the story was such a blessing. As I work on rewriting and polishing the book in my own style, I’m learning so much about writing in the male voice and I love it. We are hoping for a Christmas release of this book which is entitled, Amber Wake – Gabriel Falling.

And finally, here is a review of Jaded Tides:

“Ready for another high adventure on the open seas where vast ships sail the waters filled with cargo, treasure and contraband? Welcome aboard as we set sail once again with the firebrand, Ivory, still in her disguise as Ivan. To her shock and awe, she finds love in the arms of the Jade’s captain. Rasmus knows what he is getting into with the fiery Ivory and he has vowed to fight by her side as she prepares to seek and destroy every slave ship she finds. Young females are being taken from their homes and sent across the waters in a lucrative pirate sex trade business fouling the waters of the Caribbean and Ivory is determined to stop it at any cost. But is she willing to risk Rasmus? Her identity? Her life?

P.S. Bartlett is back and she has another adventure-filled voyage to take us on. Jaded Tides is adventure, romance and history in the making as Ivory will stop at nothing to stop evil at its worst. With her own history to spur her on, sometimes Ivory acts before she thinks, but it’s her passion that brings this tale to life. She is a heroine to be reckoned with. And Rasmus? The man is a saint, honorable, brave and, let’s be honest; he loves the fire in Ivory’s heart, even when it could be at his expense.

With a rapid pace, entanglements all around and a crew that has salt in their veins and loyalty in their hearts, the humorous scenes just add to the joy of Ivory’s adventures. More fun than the Loveboat, more romantic than a seaside picnic, even the smells of the crew, the water and the bowels of a ship wouldn’t make me miss taking this voyage! So hoist the sails, get your sea legs ready, we’re off on another adventure with P.S. Bartlett at the helm.” Reviewed by Top Amazon Reviewer, Dii.

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