Tips from Bestseller Novels on How to Overcome Writing Obstacles by Melinda Harmon

Tips from Bestseller Novels on How to Overcome Writing Obstacles by Melinda Harmon
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There are many individuals dreaming of becoming a writer and living a carefree life. A life where you can determine your own working hours and sipping coffee with your laptop open while writing a bestseller. The dream is amazing, but many writers soon find out that there is more to being a writer than the fairytale life we imagine. If you do not have a passion for writing, you may find it difficult to reach the heights you want. There are writers working hard to achieve mediocre success, but with a few tweaks in their approach, they might publish their first books.

Here are the best tips to overcome obstacles writers face.


You can be a new writer or someone who has been at it for years; there is still doubt that you might not be good enough. Writing a great novel and being turned down by publishers is the most heart crushing experience. All you need to know is that even the authors you admire have been through these feelings of self-doubt.

Overcome this doubt by continuing to dream and visualizing your life as a successful author. The message we send out to the universe is very important and if we continue to send out negative signals, we might continue to be stuck in this doubt. Don’t be afraid to share these feelings of doubt to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. After you offloaded a ton of emotions during your conversation, go straight back to work. At the right time, you will get your breakthrough, and it is going to be everything you dreamed of.

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If your dream includes you having all the time in the world to hand out with your friends, you might want to think again. Many writers become lonely and isolated because you do not have colleagues to chat to and lunch meetings to attend. A writer usually stays within the four walls of the office or space the writing takes place.

You can overcome loneliness by taking constant breaks to get out of the house. You do not need to have colleagues to have friends. You can continue to meet your friends for coffee or invite them to your home for a quick lunch. Human interaction is very important and you need not isolate yourself from your friends who have 9-5 jobs. Go out for some drinks on a Saturday night or talk to a stranger while out jogging. You can even connect and meet up with other writers in your area. Join an online forum and get involved. This way you meet people who have the same interests and lifestyle as you do.


Every writer knows that in order for your work to stand out, you have to base your writing on original concepts. Do a brainstorming session and write down all the ideas you can base your writing on. In order for you work to be accepted by a publisher, you have to write fresh, new content which is both informative and interesting.  Living in a digital world, we know that plagiarism on the web is frowned upon and can have the website who is accused lose credibility. This is just a reflection and eye opener for many writers and we are seeing more new and original facts being added.

It does not hurt to run your work though a plagiarism generator just to be sure your work has not been covered by someone else before. Know who your target market is and this way, you will be able to write for them and not for yourself. If you add value to the lives of your audience, you are able to connect with them better. Give your readers originality, value and good content if your goal is to win them over.


There are many more obstacles writers need to overcome, but with every obstacle have a solution and an approach you have to take. Don’t ever give up if writing is your passion and you cannot see yourself doing anything else with your life. You just have to work through these obstacles and make it work. If you want it bad enough, no obstacle will stand in your way. Many successful authors have been turned down by publishers and it only takes the right one to see the potential in you. Be confident in your story and others will start believing in it too. You cannot fail if you work hard and keep on believing in yourself.

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How do you run your obstacle course for success? Tell us in the comments.

Melinda Harmon is a content manager and an amateur writer. She specialized on writing useful posts about writing, writing tools and how to improve writing skills. Melinda dreams of publishing her own book and help people to know more about writing.

Melinda Harmon Melinda Harmon is a content manager and an amateur writer. She specializes on writing useful posts about writing, writing tools, and how to improve writing skills. Melinda dreams of publishing her own book and helping people know more about writing.

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