Author and Game Designer Craig Teal

Author and Game Designer Craig Teal
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Today we meet another fabulous creative, Craig Teal. He is the owner of Composite Games, which just launched new RPGs. You can check out the interview with Composite Games after you finish reading this one.

craigAfter finishing school, Craig went on to college to train as an illustrator before moving into the mainstream job market to work in a variety of roles.

Regardless of this Craig never lost his passion for writing short stories as well as running games of Kult, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Darkness games.

 Craig setup Composite Games Limited as a platform to create his own fantasy games and stories and over the last 3 years has created the Unseen World and the Chronicles of Ollundra settings. In addition to creating games, Craig is also an avid film maker and is currently putting together the pilot for the Unseen World: The Crown of Thorns web series.

 When he’s not writing Craig enjoys reading, watching films, gaming, spending time with his two cats Lokitty and Nala, and of course his lovely Fiancee Donna.  

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Name: Craig Teal
Latest Release: The Tales of Ollundra
Genre: Fantasy

  1. Do you use a pen name? 

No I use my real name at the moment.

2. Describe your writing style in three words.

Heroic, Fantasy, Romance

3. How long have you been writing?

I’ve only really started to put a lot of energy into my writing over the last 4 years.

4. Which type of writing challenges inspire you the most?

Making the heroes likeable and believable and providing the reader with 3 dimensional villains

5. Tell us what it’s like to develop games and story trailers. Where do your ideas come from?

tales-of-ollundraI’ve always loved fantasy films and books and I find my inspiration for my stories come from stories I’ve seen/read as well as ancient tales of greek heroes such as Leonidas and the 300 spartans.

6. What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Never leave a story unfinished, you can’t edit and perfect something that isn’t completed.

7. Who is your favorite author?

David Gemmell

8. How do you make time to write? Is this your chosen vocation?

I was made redundant last year from an office job and I decided to make this my full time venture.

9. When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

Watching films, reading and playing games as well as looking after my 2 cats and spending time with my understanding fiancee

10. How do you discover the ebooks you read?

I mainly look at the Amazon based stores.

11. Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

The first story I ever wrote seriously was a micro story for an anthology called “The Crown of Thorns” which became the basis for the Unseen World urban horror setting as well as being the basis for our first web series.

12. What are your five favorite books?

The Lord of Rings, Winter Warriors and Legend (David Gemmell), The Night Angel Trilogy (Brent Weeks), and The Dark Elf Trilogy (R.A. Salvatore)

13. Describe your desk/working space:

I have a small office in my house that I use for writing, artwork and editing, with a Lord of the Rings chess set and Star Wars lava lamp. So pretty much my very own man cave.

14. Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I was raised in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster in the UK where my family would venture out on picnics to Sherwood Forest, Conisbrough castle and Bolton Abbey which started my fascination with fantasy stories and legends such as King Arthur, the missing 13th roman legion, and other tales.

15. When did you first start writing games?

I started getting interested in role-playing games in the early 90’s when I started with choose your own adventure books before moving onto Dungeons and Dragons. This led me to start having an interest in creating my own games and subsequently set up Composite Games Limited.

16. What is the favorite part of the game designing process for you?

giant-talesIt would have to be creating the world that the games take place in and sharing them with other players.

17. Share one writing goal you have yet to meet.

I have a planned Trilogy of Stories featuring Khellus the cursed Assassin that would be my first feature novel.

18. What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

I always love seeing my stories take shape as well as I take my ideas and expand on them as the stories take shape.

19. What do your fans mean to you?

I love to hear from people who enjoy the stories that I create personally or stories set in the world of Ollundra as their feedback gives me encouragement and help develop the world and the future stories we will tell.

20. What are you working on next?

Story wise, once the kickstarter is completed and the anthology is released we will be looking to move onto the first anthology for our Unseen World setting.

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