Author Cyndi Lord

Author Cyndi Lord
October 16, 2016 2 Comments For Authors, Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Meet author Cyndi Lord, who writes the best selling Sandra Derringer “They Call Me” series. She’s debuting her 3rd release in the series, so we offer a special interview with Cyndi today.

They Call Me Avenged, Cyndi Lord’s third book in the Sandra Derringer Chronicles, surpasses the quality and intensity we’ve come to expect in her unique style. This psychological thriller crosses the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, and makes the reader keep turning pages to understand why they are sympathetic toward a brutal, serial killer. The first Amazon reviews offer up what you can expect when you read this page-turner.

The blurb grabs you. When a number of people go missing in a small Northeast Texas town, Sandra Derringer becomes involved to solve the case of missing twelve-year-old twin boys. She soon learns that two common denominators exist between the people who have gone missing; abused animals, and a local animal rescue owner, Loretta Bentley. Her deep devotion to animals is overshadowed by mental illness and her belief she is getting messages from God to deliver an-eye-for-an-eye justice to anyone who neglects or abuses animals. Many have thought this penalty deserved, but Loretta is insane enough to carry it out in her isolated, large ranch where no one can hear her victims’ screams.”

Cyndi LordOur interview with Bestselling Author, Cyndi Lord, reveals much.

Q: This book took you off the path your Sandra Derringer Chronicles usually take. What prompted you to write this theme?

A: As an animal advocate and having rescued abused animals, I built fury inside. As a writer, I created a character, Loretta Bentley, who is mentally ill enough to carry out what I can only think about.

Q: You’ve spoke of breaking some rules with this book in your radio interview on The Sherri and Carey Show,  – will you elaborate?

A: Yes, of course. The book takes the spotlight off the protagonist and opens in the point-of-view of the antagonist. Sandra Derringer isn’t the main character in this book as in the previous two. She is there and solves the case, but the main focus is on Loretta Bentley.

Q: In this series, book one, They Call Me Murdered, and book two, They Call Me Missing, stand alone in that they each had unique mysteries to solve. Does They Call Me Avenged, stand alone or will readers have to read the first two releases first?

A: While I’d love readers to get all the books in the series, this one, like the others, stands alone.

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Q: Do you most see yourself in Loretta or Sandra?

A: Sandra. But, I did create Loretta from my darkest fantasies of what I’d like to see abusers get.

Q: What can we expect from this series in the future?

A: In my next book, They Call Me Gone, Sandra Derringer and Scott will be on a delayed honeymoon in Amish country where a seven-year-old boy goes missing. Some of the characters from my Amish theme, The Plain Series, will be present from time to time.

To read a professional review and excerpt from They Call Me Avenged, visit here:

Formally titled Eye for an Eye, They Call Me Avenged, won Finalist in the East Texas Writers Guild’s, 1st Chapter Contest, works in progress, in 2015. You can read the first chapter here:

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    Alley Poll

    I am so happy to see another interested party (this interview) to get your books out there for other people to enjoy. I love all of the books you offer in both the Sandr Derringer Chronicles and The Plain Wish series…they are all amazing in their own way. Please take a moment and look Cyndi Lord up on Amazon….it will be worth your time. She is an AMAZING author.
    -Alley Poll

    1. 2 Comments

      Stephanie Ayers

      She is indeed. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ll find more amazing authors while you’re here.


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