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research-dictionary12I was researching a column on writer???s block and stumbled over a fantastic resource for mental health issues. That is just how it happens sometimes. One search will give not only what you want but put you on the path of your next story. Here???s a few I???ve found:

Mental Health Daily: I found the article I was looking for?????Writer???s Block: Causes, Symptoms, and Cures??? which is more in depth than any of the old advice of ???just write anything???.?? I highly recommend reading this extensive article detailing what may be causing the writer???s block and how to correct the problem. ??Four Types of Delusions & Extensive List of Themes.?? Wow! Jackpot! I plan on using this resource the next time I write unhinged antagonist.??

WIKIPEDIA: Yes, we all go there to get a quick answer but how many of us go down to the bottom of the page to the See Also and References??? This site gives the For/Against arguments for today???s highly controversial subjects.?? I checked out Medical Marijuana and found a concise and extensive listing of the facts. It also took it one step further and broke down the debate into subject categories such as Diseases and Conditions.?? If your characters get into an argument, this could be a great sight for substantiated dialogue.

Sometimes I feel daring.?? I enter my subject into the Where To Next? Box and hope for the best. ??There is always researching how to research.?? I pulled that up on Google and found a whole new way of looking at the process.????

And then there is Google Scholar.????Simply fascinating as it presents scholarly articles on subject matter.??

But one site has turned into a personal favorite???AllTops.????????It presents the top stories roaming the internet blogs, entertainment, and news sources such as the New York Times. Truthfully, I stalled on this article as a look at the new McGyver series led to another site and then another ending up checking out the new Star Trek series and movie.?? It is addictive but also informative. Oh, and Our Write Side is featured there.

And About writing:

SHE???S NOVEL: ??Found this when researching plot structure.?? The article, Three Awesome Plot Structures for Building Best Sellers, provided much more information that the title offered. I???ve found myself referring to it often.

And then there is Annie Neugebauer who has a great blog site and an arsenal of checklist, charts, templates, and worksheets for writers.?? I love reading her well-researched blog articles???and her cat.

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  3. lauramichaela says:

    I love SheNovel!

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      Stephanie Ayers says:

      We do too! So many great places for writing improvement abound on the internet!

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