7 Incredible Tips How to Make Your Writing More Exciting by Melinda Harmon

7 Incredible Tips How to Make Your Writing More Exciting by Melinda Harmon
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There are so many aspiring writers out there, but sadly not all of them actually just dive into it. Perhaps it seems a little daunting at first, but it is worth the late nights, sore fingers and the amount of coffee you drink a day. If you are already writing, or as dreaming about it, these tips will help both parties. Sure, there are a lot of writers out there, but there is still a place in the market for you. One way to remain significant is to write content that is interesting and exciting. Here are 7 tips to make sure that happens.

  1. Stick to 1 theme

If you honestly want to impress your readers and capture their attention, you can’t be all over the place. Choose the theme for your writing and go into detail. If you have a word count to meet, you can’t just randomly skip to another story. If your article is on a psychology capstone, you cannot half way start giving tips on an engineering capstone. Make sure you have enough information beforehand, to take you till the end of your writing piece.

2. Provide clear proof

No one likes a washed down story without any proof that it is in fact the truth. You would be surprised at how intelligent human beings are. It takes one person to dismiss your claims to lose your credibility. In your research process, save your sources to help you have a backup. This way, you protect yourself and provide your readers with the right information.

3. Get to the point

Do not be one of those writers who can drag a story all the way home. If you have a point to make, just do it. There really is no use blabbering about useless information. Your readers will find it boring and probably move on to another article. Human beings are very impatient and needs quick results to remain interested. If someone is looking for psychology capstone project ideas and you can provide those idea, just do it straight away.     

4. Tell a story

Take your readers on a journey through storytelling. It works very well, because the reader is able to become transported to another life and another time. This is a sure way to keep their attention on what you have to say. Also, a lot of facts makes more sense after a story.

5. Don’t be too serious

There are some articles that require a serious tone, but always remember that you are not a professor (unless of course you actually are) and your readers are not your students. Even psychology project ideas can be shared in a fun and exciting manner. Add some personality into your writing and be quirky if you need to be. You have a better chance of connecting with a reader by just being yourself. Do not try to sound like someone more professional and serious.       

6. Remember your ending

A build up to a great ending is always a good idea. When writing, always keep your ending in mind so that you do not ramble the entire article and then just come to a conclusion with a force. Your writing should take the reader on a journey and the end should be interesting. In fact, you can take a complete twist at the end to be remembered after the reader closes the piece.

7. Write conversationally

Imagine you are having coffee with one of your friends and you are just having a casual conversation. Approach your articles in this manner. It’s just a conversation between some good friends. You will automatically feel more confident in your writing and communication skills because there is no pressure.


Believe that your writing is enough and that the right kind of readers will find it exciting. Do not try too hard to be entertaining. You are who you are and that is enough for your readers. Just be truthful and remain yourself throughout the process. In the end, you will be accepted just as you are. A great writer says things as it is. Your voice is necessary and there is no one out there who can say it like you can.

Melinda Harmon is a guest writer for Our Write Side.

Melinda Harmon Melinda Harmon is a content manager and an amateur writer. She specializes on writing useful posts about writing, writing tools, and how to improve writing skills. Melinda dreams of publishing her own book and helping people know more about writing.

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