6 Survival Tips for NaNoWriMo Week 1

6 Survival Tips for NaNoWriMo Week 1
November 4, 2016 1 Comment For Authors, Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

6I’m not doing NaNo this year. There’s a lot to do to run a community such as this, the new publishing company to organize, novels to vet, and my brain still explodes with new ideas daily. As much as I need to, I just can’t add this project to my ever growing list.

You’ve been following along all last month as I helped you prepare for your own NaNo experience, and I’m back with some cheerleading to help you with week 1 and survive through the rest of the weeks.

Do you wonder how I won NaNoWriMo in the years past?

I’ll share a few tips:

1. I’m only aspiring for the NaNo set word count on a daily basis (1667 words, which is nothing for me) then I keep going.

2. I am not setting a certain time to write. That’s only asking for writer’s block in my humble opinion. It is the first thing I open every morning, even before I get breakfast and coffee. I read over the last few pages to bring me back into the story, and I go about my day. I write throughout the whole day, a scene at a time.

3. I follow some very wise advice I learned: Don’t complete your scene. Leave it unfinished so your imagination has places to go.

4. I’ll confess, I am editing. I take a few minutes each morning while I eat breakfast and read over what I wrote the night before. Sometimes I have a new idea so I’ll bring it up to speed. Sometimes I’ll realize I could have said more, so I’ll add it in. It’s all for the greater good, since it all gets me to my goal at the end of the day.

5. I’m keeping an open mind. The original ideas behind my story and the way the story is evolving, while still following the original game plan, is bringing in a life of its own. I have the freedom to let it go, to dive in head first, and follow my imagination wherever it takes me, even if it never ends up in the final cut. This is the pure joy of doing the challenge. It’s pure, unadulterated literary abandon.

No matter how hard I try to focus, there’s no getting around the distractions. Since you’re already here being distracted by my post, why don’t you take a moment to read this one, which is all about extensions that shut down online distractions and save you time when writing.

I’m sure there are many more extensions out there (like procrastinate) that can be beneficial to being more productive online, especially during NaNoWriMo. Please share some of your favorites with me?

Remember, YOU should be writing!

Stephanie Ayers A published author with a knack for twisted tales, Stephanie Ayers is the Executive Creative Director of OWS Ink, LLC, a community for writers and readers alike. She loves a good thriller, fairies, things that go bump in the night, and sappy stories. When she is not writing, she can be found in Creative Cloud designing book covers and promotional graphics for authors.

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