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Nancy E Miller, Author at Our Write Side

According to 10 Top Ten Reviews, the top ten self publishing companies are: Lulu Createspace Authorhouse Outskirts Press iUniverse Llumina Press Xlibris Virtual Book Worm Publishing Infinity Publishing Wheatmark The original idea was that I would compare the top five companies and report back to

Juniper Files: Grandiosity – Our Write Side

Grandiosity is a symptom of bipolar mania. The term describes the larger-than-life feelings of superiority often experienced during manic, hypomanic or mixed episodes. In our bpkids, this symptom can be seen in many different forms. They consider themselves bigger than life, invincible. They can be

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R.G.Westerman has been writing for as long as she has been able to […] Nancy Miller lives out in the Illinois countryside near St. Louis, Missouri.  She shares her home with her husband of 31 years and three exceptionally spoiled dogs.  After losing her house

Read to be Well-read – Our Write Side

You have to read a lot of books to be considered well-read. Did you have to read that sentence a few times to make sure you read it right? Heteronyms – Words that are spelled the same, but are pronounced differently (difference emphasis on difference