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Memoir: Momentum – Our Write Side

March 11, 2016March 4, 2016 2dogspoopin0 / Pixabay “Slow down, dammit! You’re going to wreck the car!” I still didn’t know why I had let Ronnie drive. He didn’t even have a valid license. Now here I was, sitting beltless in the passenger seat, as

July 2014 – Our Write Side

July 22, 2014November 10, 2015 If you are looking for the biweekly and monthly challenges, click here. Don’t forget that the monthly challenge is due by Friday. Voting on July 21, 2014November 12, 2015 The loud squeak of the saloon doors swinging open made everyone

Our Write Side New Year Newsletter – Our Write Side

January 3, 2016January 3, 2016 Our Write Side New Year newsletter… It’s got a little Steampunk flair, Filled with Christmas memories to take you there. With contest winners announced, A little poetry pronounced, This is the issue we want to share. simplebooklet.com You know, we

Our Write Side Cafe Forum – Our Write Side

We are pleased to announce the new forum, Our Write Side Cafe. Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and relax. Start a topic or answer one. Make new friends, find a critique partner, book club, or beta readers. Get tips on publishing from