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Writers Services by Stephanie Ayers – Our Write Side

September 19, 2015 You’ve finished up your manuscript. Whether you still need to send it to your Beta Readers, or it’s your final draft before submission, I am ready to proof and/or polish your document. From missing commas to overused gerunds, bloated sentences to flow, from

Facebook Connections – Our Write Side

August 29, 2015November 11, 2015 We understand how important it is to make strong connections with other writers and professionals. Having someone to cheer us on, catch a misspelling, or offer a better way to write is imperative to improving our craft, expanding our horizons,

Editing and Writing Tools – Our Write Side

September 11, 2015November 11, 2015 As writers, we know how frustrating the writing process can be, especially after you’ve done all that work to finish your manuscript. Here we share some links to help you easily find resources to make the process easier. Improve Your

Interview with Authoress E.C. Jarvis – Our Write Side

Last week, we introduced you to Jeremy Breitenbach, the blind author of The Gateway. This week, Our Write Side introduces you to a brand new author with today’s author interview. Name: E.C. Jarvis Latest Release: The Machine Book One of the Blood and Destiny Series Genre: