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A Way With Words: Apostrophe Angst – Our Write Side

December 29, 2015December 28, 2015 The humble apostrophe is often abused, or ignored. Misuse of this simple punctuation mark inevitably ranks high on many writing “pet peeve” lists. Just because a word ends with an s doesn’t automatically imply that there will also be an

Planning a Writer's Year – Our Write Side

December 28, 2015December 24, 2015                There is little in a writer’s life that moves quickly except the calendar when we have a deadline.  Words may come slowly, edits creep along, but those days on the calendar just fly by.  Before we realize, another year

Pay It Forward – Our Write Side

September 24, 2015November 26, 2015 Our Write Side is all about paying it forward, especially within the writing community. Little random acts of kindness can turn someone’s dark storm into a burst of sunlight. This is why we support the Pay It Forward Foundation. The

Project Semicolon – Our Write Side

September 24, 2015September 24, 2015 Our Write Side wants to get the conversation started. Many writers draw from their own life experiences when they write. We want you to know we get it; We understand; We love you and we are there for you. Start

Ten Questions – Our Write Side

January 20, 2012November 12, 2015 Trifecta has a new challenge out. It is to answer the 10 questions they’ve posted. I’ve only been interviewed once, so this was extra fun for me! Welcome to My Write Side. I hope you enjoy your visit. You’ll find

Writers Services by Stephanie Ayers – Our Write Side

September 19, 2015 You’ve finished up your manuscript. Whether you still need to send it to your Beta Readers, or it’s your final draft before submission, I am ready to proof and/or polish your document. From missing commas to overused gerunds, bloated sentences to flow, from