Month: November 2015

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Roots and Roses

This week on Raising Voices, I am featuring my younger son, Emeril,who ??wrote this poem several years ago after we were evicted from our house and staying at my ex-Mother in Law’s. Emeril is now a bright and witty 16 year old who has overcome the many obstacles life has thrown our way.    …
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November 30, 2015 0

Master Class Monday: Paltry Pathway

The Master Class has returned! Every week, I will introduce you to three prompts. Choose one, write about it, link up, and move to the head of the class. It???s that simple. The rules: Read the prompts. Write a story answering the prompt. This can mean you use the prompt as your title, somewhere in…
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November 30, 2015 3

Nancy’s Notes: Meet Nancy

Hi folks, Stephanie wants me to whip up a bit of an introduction so ???here I am, Nancy E Miller. ??My husband of thirty-one years and I live just north of St. Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River. ??We have three totally spoiled rotten dogs who run our lives and give us constant love:…
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November 30, 2015 1