Month: November 2012

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Pennies for Christmas

Somewhere in a blink of time blurred between the head and tail tumble of the air riding coin was my fate.????Enclosed in an elevator and escorted by a police officer, I had a feeling this wouldn???t end well. It was Christmas Eve and I???d been caught picking pockets during the annual Christmas parade. I wasn???t…
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November 30, 2012 7

Jack and Jill

Knowing it would be an acerbic pill to swallow, Jill looked out from the aerie, her halberd in hand in preparation for the stentorian opera that would announce the arrival of the golden eagle. They were sacred birds that brought rain, but only an eaglet could end the drought. ??Jack lay dead at the bottom…
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November 26, 2012 6


We came on the wind of the carnival. It was by coincidence, but the townsfolk didn???t know that. They believed we were carnies, and nothing we did convinced them otherwise. We weren???t born gypsies, but we did follow the free-living style that gypsies preferred, and they hated us for it. They hated our colorful clothing,…
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November 26, 2012 11