Month: September 2012

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This Writer's Dreams

I have a dreaded disease. I have writer’s ADHD. There is so much swirling around in my head on a regular basis that I go on sensory overload. I save as much I can, scribble down the ideas that flow through me, and feel defeated when I see only two of the thousands that are…
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September 28, 2012 14

ISO: A Moment of Being

She kept both hands on the wheel and let the tears flow freely. Life had thrown her into reverse of late and she’d taken it all in stride, or so she thought. Things weren’t exactly rosy in her marriage before she’d opened her heart and home to her husband’s teenage boys, but now it seemed…
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September 27, 2012 8

The Forgetting

The following story is my entry in Suess’s Pieces 2012 Writers Week Writing Contest. The prompt I chose was “For a full year, Cooper Hillard…” For a full year, Cooper Hillard grew watermelons. He cultivated crop after crop, talked to them, and stored them in the old barn. His harvests were the best the old…
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September 27, 2012 13