Month: August 2012

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Freckle Face

It was a gorgeous summer day at the pool. He had curly blonde hair, a decent body, and was a year old than me. He lived in my grandfather???s condominium complex, and swam like a competitor. We played Marco Polo that day, challenged each other in holding our breaths underwater, and in who could swim…
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August 31, 2012 16

In Time: A Sailing She Goes

This picks up immediately after The Escape. Too quickly, Viola found that her kidnapping was far from an illusion as the air pirates tied her securely to the bow of their ship. They bound the ropes so tightly around her body, the only thing she could move was her head. At least she knew they…
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August 30, 2012 10

In Time: A New View

This picks up where Somewhere in Time left off. He emerged from the underground subway squinting. The sudden brightness of daylight blinded him, even with the cloud coverage. He dipped between two buildings and waited for his eyes to adjust. Though it only took a moment, he was unprepared for what awaited him. He stood…
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August 30, 2012 21