Month: December 2011

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Happy New Years!!

I’m taking a small break from writing to let you all know that there have been some (small) changes around here. I am now using my official author name on the blog and in comments. There is a new email and….. I’m officially on Facebook now too!!! (Look on the sidebar to Be My Fan!!)…
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December 31, 2011 5

A Conversation Between Friends

Kate smiled as she watched Malcolm interact with the other children in his class. She hated to leave him in daycare every day, but was thankful that he enjoyed the interaction with his peers so much. Knowing he was happy made it that much easier for her to leave him. He always missed her and…
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December 19, 2011 6

Pure Nonsense

Today was the clumsiest day ever. Joey and I were dashing down the hand and saw a bottle smashing a book. When we finally made it to Joey???s house, we saw the door was soft. When we walked into the house, his mom was running with a bombshell. That???s when we saw an iguana in…
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December 15, 2011 14