10 Things to Do Instead of Making Writing Resolutions

10 Things to Do Instead of Making Writing Resolutions
January 10, 2017 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice J.K. Allen

It’s another new year and looking back on last year maybe you didn’t do as much writing as you’d care to admit. I know that is how I’ve been feeling and I’ve been wanting to get back on track. But I don’t do New Year resolutions because those are just made to get broken. We make them knowing that we probably won’t stick with them and really there’s no consequences when we do break them. I find them a waste of time and a good way to make myself feel guilty. Which is why this year I refuse to make any resolution. I’m going to turn to this list instead. So here it is:

Ten things you should do instead of writing resolutions.

  1. Sit down and do a pomodoro. The Pomodoro technique is all about time management to get work done. Sit down and write for 25 timed minutes, then take a five minute break.
  2. Keep going. After doing three more pomodoros, take a half hour break. Look at how much you just got done in just a couple hours.
  3. Read a book. Inspire yourself with someone else’s words or style. What can you steal? What new skills can you learn?
  4. Read a book on craft. Never stop learning. Never stop improving.
  5. Freewrite. Set your timer for 15 minutes and let your mind wander. Do this before you work on your WiP to get warmed up.
  6. stevepb / Pixabay

    Morning mind dumps. Get all the junk that is cluttering your brain out of your head before you begin your day. You never know what little gem you might find in the mess one day.

  7. Do something else creative besides writing. Draw, paint, crochet, etc. Get your creative juices flowing in a different way.
  8. Watch a movie. Pay attention to how the visuals tell the story and how character relationships are shown. How can you use this in your writing?
  9. Listen to some music. Try listening to instrumental if you usually listen to vocals. Or try listening to a song and let the words inspire a scene or character for you. Get inspired.
  10. Go for a walk. Let your brain make connections as you take in the view. Meander, physically and figuratively.

Try one or all of these when you know you should be writing and focus on what you do get done more than what you didn’t. But keep in mind that you can’t edit a blank page. So let yourself create. What would your list look like? Share below and happy writing in the New Year!

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J.K. Allen Julia Allen received her BA in Creative Writing and English from Michigan State University. She did her senior thesis in poetry under the tutelage of Diane Wakoski, but has been focused primarily on fiction as of late. Common writing themes that can be found in her work address identity and the type of strength that can be found in ordinary people. Julia is currently working on a Young Adult fantasy novel and can be found at local cafes in her hometown when writing, and painting, drawing, or reading when not.

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