Writing Styles and Techniques You Should Try in 2017 by Melinda Harmon

Writing Styles and Techniques You Should Try in 2017 by Melinda Harmon

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Choosing a writing style is a very important task. If you want to communicate your message or story effectively, this is kind of a make or break area. There are many options to choose from, but first ask yourself, what you would like the reader to experience when reading your story. What tone would you like to use and how much information do you want to share? Once you understand where you are going with your piece, you can go ahead and select one of the following writing techniques.

First person

Writing as the first person is a great choice because you are able to use your own voice and state your own opinion. You are not required to gather facts when writing as a first person but if you would like to include facts you agree with, that is acceptable. All you have to do is state what your view is on the topic discussed. This is where your own voice shines and your opinion matters.


When you use descriptive writing as your chosen style, keep in mind that you have to share a lot of details. You might need a paraphrasing sentences tool in case you get a little carried away. The idea behind descriptive writing is to leave nothing unsaid. You need to pull the reader into the story and explain everything, from the scene to the berries on the tree. What does your characters look like? What types of personalities do they have? Mention details like the color of their eyes and the texture of their hair. You also need to describe the surrounding the character finds them in. Detail is very important if you want to get this right.

Third Person Limited

Third person limited allows the narrator to get into the head of one character. You are the able to know what the character is thinking and feeling. The other characters in your story will only be presented externally, which means you cannot write about their thoughts as you cannot get into their thoughts,

Third Person Omniscient

This writing style will give you a lot of freedom as a writer. With third person limited you can only get into the mind of one character, but with third person omniscient, the narrator are able to express what every character is thinking. This allows the writer to present all characters exactly as they are, what they think and how they feel.

Deep POV

In the last 20 to 40 years this writing style has gained a lot of popularity amongst fiction writers. Instead of using ‘he felt’ or ‘she felt’, you can express the feeling of the characters as it happens without referring to these types of explanations. It might be better understood with an example.

Third Person

He did not know if she was coming back ‘thought Jack’. This made him feel very sad and confused.

Third Person deep POV

He did not know if she was coming back. This made him feel very sad and confused.

This way, your writing has a type of flow and keeps the reader enticed at all times.


When you decide on a writing style or technique, make sure you understand all the facets of that particular style. You want to remain consistent. Try not to jump from one style to another because you might confuse the reader and yourself alike.  There are a few paraphrasing services UK based that can help you stay true to one technique.  Whichever technique you decide to use, do a little research on it and read a lot of content using that particular writing style. Educate yourself before you start writing. See what other writers have done to bring the story to life and then apply it to your own topic. Writing should be done effortlessly if you want your story to flow without a struggle. Try a new writing technique on your next project and see how well you do.

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