Writer Services by A.L. Mabry

Writer Services by A.L. Mabry
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Content Creation

Do you have a business or professional website that needs a continuous stream of original and relevant content to engage your customers? I am happy to provide unique content that is well researched and developed exclusively for your site. If you are in need of content creation, please contact me using this form and use “Content Creation with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line. Prices vary based on length and depth of research required.

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You have the perfect idea, you can see your characters and their obstacles, but you really need someone to help you bring the story to life. That is where a ghostwriter comes in. I can help with stories of varying lengths, poems, song lyrics, papers, and articles.  Use this form and place “Ghostwriting with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line. Prices will vary based on project details.

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Before you send a manuscript to your Beta Readers you want to iron out all the literary wrinkles. Let me help you fine-tune your work and tighten it up to the very best it can be. I offer an array of editing levels from basic punctuation to line edits. For an individual quote, use the contact form and place “Proofreading/Editing with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line.

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I provide two different transcription services. I can transcribe an audio clip at a rate of $1.50 per minute. Alternatively, I can type up a handwritten manuscript at a rate of $2.00 per typed page. For this service, use this form and place “Transcription with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line.

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Author Platforms

So, you have poked around on Facebook, and you would like to share more of your work, but you don’t know how to start building your author platform. I can help! I will collaborate with you to create an online platform that includes a custom website with two coordinating social media accounts. Packages start at $300 and addition support services will be available. To begin building your platform today, use this form and place “Author Platforms with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line.

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Social Media Course

I offer an exclusive 30-day Social Media Crash Course for beginners. The cost of this course is $25, and the syllabus will walk you through set-up and maintenance of your social media account(s). Additionally, you will learn how to increase engagement and interaction with your organic audience. To sign up for the next course (begins the 1st of each month) please use this form and place “Social Media Course with A.L. Mabry” in the subject line.

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A.L. Mabry A.L. Mabry is an Executive Editor for Our Write Side. As an author, she enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She is an artist and Wiccan who has an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is passionate about many topics and her posts are often laced with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from raising five teenagers, all at once. In her downtime, she can be found with her loving husband, Shawn and their children. She maintains her shreds of sanity with yoga, tea, and cats.

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