Why so many font choices?

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Why so many font choices?

October 1, 2015 Writing Advice 0

It is truly amazing how many fonts there are. http://FontSquirrel.com is one of my favorite places to hunt for what I need, although there are literally thousands of other sites out there. I will caution though, if you are looking for a new font to use, be careful. Many of these free font sites embed malware and such into the download.

I am on a Mac, and thus do not have to deal with hardly any virus attacks. Just last week though, I had my first encounter. It wasn’t technically a virus. It was a program that was suppose to protect a Mac from viruses.  (unnecessary usually)

Typically a Mac will let you know right away and won’t even allow the file to be loaded. For you PC users though, you better have a kick-butt virus ware to keep these at bay if you plan to get new fonts.


Back to the subject.


Two days ago I opened all the groups on Facebook that I am in that pertain to Sci-fi / Fantasy genre. I posted two drafts of the same cover and asked everyone to give their opinion on which font was better.

  I invite you to check out what happened by going to my Facebook page. Please hit the LIKE button while you are there, then you can cast your own vote.