Why so many font choices?

Why so many font choices?
October 1, 2015 Comments Off on Why so many font choices? Writing Advice Jenn FitzGerald

It is truly amazing how many fonts there are. http://FontSquirrel.com is one of my favorite places to hunt for what I need, although there are literally thousands of other sites out there. I will caution though, if you are looking for a new font to use, be careful. Many of these free font sites embed malware and such into the download.

I am on a Mac, and thus do not have to deal with hardly any virus attacks. Just last week though, I had my first encounter. It wasn’t technically a virus. It was a program that was suppose to protect a Mac from viruses.  (unnecessary usually)

Typically a Mac will let you know right away and won’t even allow the file to be loaded. For you PC users though, you better have a kick-butt virus ware to keep these at bay if you plan to get new fonts.


Back to the subject.


Two days ago I opened all the groups on Facebook that I am in that pertain to Sci-fi / Fantasy genre. I posted two drafts of the same cover and asked everyone to give their opinion on which font was better.

  I invite you to check out what happened by going to my Facebook page. Please hit the LIKE button while you are there, then you can cast your own vote.

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