Weekly Recap…

Weekly Recap…

May 8, 2015 Writing 1

In all this moving and transitioning, I’m really hoping I don’t lose everyone in the process. Exciting new things are happening at Eat Sleep Write this week.

We started offering DAILY writing prompts.

Both AL Mabry and I have our blogs up and running. Wednesday Writers Wisdom has its own column.

We added AL Mabry’s teenage writing column “Raising Voices” and the first post goes live tomorrow!

Lots of new poetry set to music and read in a podcast by the site director, Adam Scull, a couple of press releases, and so much more you missed out on this week!

Visit the website and spend a while exploring or…


  •  I introduced myself with an update on my current works in progress on My Write Side.
  • A new Master Class went live (you need to come play!


  • Tuesday Tunes debuted with “Chasing Cars” as the song inspiration you need to write to.


  • I shared my Master Class writing prompt response on My Write Side.
  • AL Mabry took some time out of her busy schedule to share some advice on Wednesday Writers Wisdom.
  • Coldly Calculating, a new “writing by the numbers” made it appearance with “Back to Square One.” Here’s your chance to dabble in the horror/thriller genre for bonus points!


  • The Eat Sleep Write Poetry Prompt debuted with “The best things in life are free” poetry writing prompt.


  • I responded to the Coldly Calculating prompt and shared my fiction on My Write Side.
  • The brand new “Flash It Friday” flash prompt debuted today. We offer you four elements and you give us a complete story with them all in it in 500 words or less. (yes, you want to do this!)

Tomorrow the brand new SONGWRITING prompt will go up for the first time. We’ve named that one “Saturday Serenades.” You’ll have to visit the blog to check it out. And Sunday? Sunday the very talented Tara from Thin Spiral Notebook debuts her photography prompt, Picture Perfect Sunday.

As you can see, there’s a ton of great writing and a ton of writing prompts in store for you. There are plenty of resources AND? We have a short story contest (with CASH prizes!) going on too!! An open call to submit your stuff is there, as well.

What are you waiting for? Come on over already. The house is clean!!!


It's YOUR write side, too! Let's hear it!

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