Wednesday Writers Wisdom: Writing is a love-hate relationship

Wednesday Writers Wisdom: Writing is a love-hate relationship

July 2, 2014 Writing 2

It’s true. I have my days where I will get all ragey because all I want to do is sit down with a hot cup of perfectly made coffee and write. And write. And write.

Those are the days my family gets neglected and eat a lot later than they should. I just don’t want to stop writing.

There are those moments when the size of your current project knocks you out of your seat as you realize those 20,000 something words are nowhere near the end. And you choke.

Or at least I do. The story took an unexpected turn, threw in a huge monkey wrench, and I rebelled. No! No! Dammit! I want to write Tribba, not Derik, not Edgar!

No, I repeat until the voices I hear in my head quiet. I let shiny, new prompts distract me, break my focus. I set the project aside.

And forget it until one morning, I wake up with an epiphany.

“Oh! That’s how the story is supposed to go!”

And I scramble madly to the desk and start writing with a fury that scares my children into quiet compliance and invisibility until I emerge from the office with haze glistening my eyes. Rounds of “Mom!” “Mom!” “Mom!” are heard and I grudgingly tell the voice to hush. The faster I humor them, the faster I can return to my desk and the words I left behind.

There are the days when I’ll stare at the blank page in wonderment, knowing that all I need to do is tap the keys gently under my fingers and the words will come. They are never far away, even when I don’t want them near, like a child, they are always hovering around when I’d rather be left alone, pestering, festering, until I cave and out of sheer frustration, I let my fingers fly across the keys.

And a story is born.

So I post it and then I wait.

For you. To read. To like. To comment.

Today, I shared a little bit about my writing process. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Next Wednesday, I’m introducing you to the author Jessie Powell, better known around the blogosphere as Jester Queen, via her responses to 20 questions. You don’t want to miss this interview!

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  1. Carrie says:

    I hardly write at home. I always feel guilty. And even though my husband SAYS he supports me, whenever he is cranky he throws the whole “well, you get to take off 2/3 nights a week for your writing classes leaving me at home…” so that doesn’t make me feel as if me sitting at a computer and writing is very welcome.

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