Weathered: Pursuit of a Happy Ending

Weathered: Pursuit of a Happy Ending

June 10, 2011 Writing 17

This picks up where this excerpt leaves off. Regina was in the pizzeria waiting for Blair, an ambulance distracts her…

Regina blinked quickly because she had a hard time believing what her eyes were showing her. Blair was on the stretcher being rushed into the Emergency Room across the street. It was not the entrance Regina had expected her to make, but it was also unsurprising. Blair had always been about dramatic entrances. Perhaps she expected Louis to reappear like a reincarnated silver clad knight on his equally shiny horse to save her. She would be sorely disappointed.

Regina’s face lit up like a toddler witnessing her first lighting of a Christmas tree. Her nostrils flickered as one corner of her mouth lifted upwards in a smirk. The trip to the ER wasn’t the result she wanted, but she would take it. As she turned from the window, her hand went to her pocket again, this time producing a small black flip phone.

“Bellevue Hospital Center. How may I direct your call?”

“My sister, Blair Weathers, has just been brought into the ER via ambulance? I just want to confirm her arrival.”

“Hold one moment while I check that information for you.”

The receptionist’s voice was brisk, and the music that drifted from the earpiece was a bold classical piece. Regina listened closely to the instruments playing the song. She detected 4 flutes, 5 violins, and a harp in the mix.

My lucky charms.

Her eyes wandered from the glass of the window to the bracelet adorning her wrist. She had collected a piece each time Blair had stumbled on misfortune. It held a crowd of pewter pressed as tightly as the bodies walking a Manhattan sidewalk. When Louis died, she awarded herself three pieces–a flute, a violin, and a harp. Her smirk broadened as she paced to reveal her yellowed, coffee-indulged front teeth. She had a feeling that today would be her lucky day. She could already picture the next charm she would pick up.

“Excuse me, miss, did you say you are her sister?”

“Yes. Did you find her?”

“Erhm. I can’t really give you that information. There are no siblings listed on her medical file. Let me switch you to the ER department instead.”

A laugh bubbled from deep within her chest, an explosion in the quiet of the pizzeria. Of course there wouldn’t be any history of siblings. She was her father’s dirty little secret. The receptionist was unwittingly doing her a favor by connecting her to the ER. Most of the nurses that accepted the phone calls there were too harassed to debate the authenticity of one’s parentage.


Regina repeated her request, attempting to squelch the sudden glee that had risen in her bowels, lest her joy be discovered.

“Weathers, Blair. Yes, I can confirm that she is here.”

“Thank you.  Just one more question? I’m a bit worried. Can you please tell me what the doctor said?”

“The doctor hasn’t seen her yet, so I don’t have any new information, but her chart says she was having chest pain, a suspected heart attack. Would you like me to patch you through to her room?”

“Oh yes.” Regina’s smile was full now, her crooked teeth lending a sinister look to her complexion. Her eyes became slits as her upturned lips tightened her cheeks. The only thing missing to complete the rat face transformation was whiskers, but even then, her dark coloring always left one wondering if she didn’t have a bit of fur on her upper lip anyway. “Just in case we get disconnected, could you please tell me her room number?”

Melodious beeps found her eardrums, and she accepted the call, disconnecting the hospital.

“Did you get the key?” A deep baritone caused the phone to purr against her ear. She licked her lips before responding.

“No. But we will. Blair is in Bellevue. Room T-32. You should pay her a visit, while I run over to the gallery. The key has to be there somewhere. Arthur wouldn’t give her the desk without it. I can get in there while she’s stuck in the ER, find it, and destroy the evidence. She’ll never know.”

She clicked her phone shut without receiving an answer. Her mind spun wool as her fingers traced the charms dangling from her scarred wrist with familiarity. She knew exactly what she would do with the evidence when she found it, and destroying it was not on the list. Why would she destroy her happy ending?

The prompt was to give someone a happy ending, with a surprise. As always, I appreciate concrit.

17 Responses

  1. Carrie says:

    oh, she is EVIL. I don’t want her to get her happy ending.

    I think you slip out of your POV here and there. The one where Regina’s face lights up sounds like it is an Omniscient narrator, not Regina’s POV. Should be easy to fix 🙂

  2. Victoria K says:

    I’m not experienced enough to pick up on any writers critique stuff yet but as a reader I was uncomfortable with Regina but at the same time intrigued by her when you brought in her charm bracelet, which just knocks on the head all stereotypical ideas of charm bracelet wearers. Despite being slightly repulsed by her I do want read more.

    My favourite sentence was ” Her mind spun wool as her fingers traced the charms dangling from her scarred wrist with familiarity.”

    Thanks for a great read. 🙂


  3. varunner says:

    I love the part about the instruments and her lucky charms! Really well done.

    Also got sucked in to your previous post about the twins. WOW!! What an experience!!

  4. CDG says:

    The charm bracelet thing? Super creepy.

    And yay for villains and happy endings! (Though I suspect in both of our cases our villains endings may turn before their time is up.)

    • DM says:

      Hmmm. I’m not so sure. it’s like the more I delve into this and develop the story, the more other pieces click…ones that were written as prompts early on that started the seed for the story itself.

  5. TheKirCorner says:

    I wear a charm bracelet(filled with so many charms I love) , and all of my favorite watches are charm bracelets too….I love the way they look and sound on my wrist, but having hers be a Place she puts charms for her sister’s misfortune is GENIUS and I may never look at my wrist the same again.

    she is a really bad person and I LOVE HER!!!!!! This was so wickedly good. 🙂

  6. jessicaanne says:

    Oh. My. God. My jaw was on the floor. Sisters? OMG! Who is she talking to? What is in that desk? And why is she so evil? So many questions. I like where this is heading. 🙂

    • DM says:

      And this is why I wish I could have seen your face when you were reading. I knew the surprise would be something you would get. I know why she is so evil, I have an idea what is in the desk, but I’m not quite sure which male character she is talking to yet.

  7. May says:

    eewwwwwwww~ This one is a real creeper! Nicely written. All the details-her hateful appearance, the charms, her glee-all build together one rotten villain!

  8. (FL) Girl with a New Life says:

    Intriguing story line. Did you redecorate the place since my last visit? I am kinda in love with your new banner.

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