Trifextra: Road Kill

My breath snuffed, my heart stopped, I hover between time and space. My four-legged life over, I wait minutes until I emerge, squalling and screaming, under bright lights, my new human life begun.

This weekend’s Trifextra assignment was simple: Rebirth in 33 words. Mission accomplished.

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26 thoughts on “Trifextra: Road Kill”

  1. Tessa says:

    Short and sweet. But what is he/she starting life as? A human? or something else LOL?

    1. SAM says:

      Noted and fixed! Thank you!

  2. Carrie says:

    reminds me of that reincarnation piece I did for Red Writing Hood a few years back. The cat that was dumped in the water? And it was born as a human child?

    1. SAM says:

      Oh yeah! That was a good piece. The idea started in a completely different direction but ended up like this. LOL.

  3. Tara R. says:

    Reincarnation always fascinates me. I like this, moving up from animal to human. Or, would that be a downgrade?

    1. SAM says:

      i suppose it depends on the animal. A cat, for example. would probably say they were an upgrade. 😉

  4. deanabo says:

    This is fascinating. Very good writing.

    1. SAM says:

      Thanks, Deana.

  5. atrm61 says:

    Wow!Reincarnation-after life-a theme which we,Indians,are taught to believe in-& ‘cos the dog is now being born as a human,it means that it’s good Karma must have promoted him to a higher plane- a wonderful piece:-)

    1. SAM says:

      Thank you.

  6. trifectawriting says:

    This was really interesting. I love the idea of reincarnation. It explains a lot, right? 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

    1. SAM says:

      It was a good prompt.

  7. Donna Kiser says:

    Interesting. I went from heartbreak to wonder.

  8. Draug419 says:

    Oh, I like this take on reincarnation! ^__^

    1. SAM says:


  9. KymmInBarcelona says:

    Nice piece. Wow, that title!
    (Have you read Bad Karma, by David Safier? Very, very funny.)

    1. SAM says:

      no i havent but I will have to check it out.

  10. Stacie says:

    Love the reincarnation angle!

    1. SAM says:


  11. 2old2tap says:

    Good one! Reincarnation, what fun!

    1. SAM says:

      thanks, Renee!

  12. Tracie says:

    I like this! You did a great job with the prompt.

    1. SAM says:

      Thanks, Tracie!

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  13. Abraham says:

    Interesting. A little creepy that a baby may have been road-kill before. And it takes mere minutes! 🙂

    1. SAM says:

      creepy is my game. 😉

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