Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey

Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey
November 5, 2016 No Comments » Book Reviews Kat Avila

Transformed: San FranciscoCharley McElroy is a handsome, well-heeled travel writer and CIA informant who also happens to be an F to M transman. And he’s having a midlife crisis.

Charley gets suspended by the Agency after forgetting to pay his taxes. Only days earlier, yet another marriage proposal has been spurned. In his grief and confusion, Charley befriends Electra, a high-powered Manhattan socialite-turned-dominatrix rebuilding her life in San Francisco. Then he meets Frankie, a disgruntled lesbian police sergeant who has been demoted by the SFPD for being a whistle blower.

Together they uncover a Christian fundamentalist’s lethal plot to destroy the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Yet, neither the SFPD nor the CIA will take the threat seriously due to the trio’s outsider status.

Can they get anyone to listen to them? Or are they on their own?

Find out in this funny thriller filled with San Francisco’s spectacular scenery and inimitable, quirky characters.

Book Title: Transformed: San Francisco (Quirky Queer Spy Novels Book 1)

Amazon rating: 4.4
Reviewer: Adan Ramie


I didn’t have many expectations coming into this book. It’s the first in the series, though it reads as a great stand-alone. One of the things I liked most about this story was that, despite it being the first book, it had hints of backstory woven in expertly as if the story had been going on for years.

There are a lot of characters in this story, but they are all so well fleshed out, I never got them mixed up. There’s Charley, the pansexual transman and CIA agent in the middle of a mid-life crisis, who was my favorite of the bunch. Then there’s Electra, the 50+ so-called “Society Dom,” who is still trying to figure out her life. Frankie is an ex-Navy lesbian cop benched on desk duty but still trying to uncover a plot going on within her ranks. And there’s Randy, the evangelical Christian bent on destroying sin in San Francisco, who has his eye on Electra.

Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. No, you will not regret reading through this sordid, funny, fascinating tale of different personalities converging on one space. I give this book five of five stars and recommend it to anyone who loves a good playful suspense story.

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