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Meet the Founder of ProWriting Aid
August 13, 2018 For Authors,Writing A.L. Mabry

As we continue growing Our Write Side in the writing community today we must express our gratitude to ProWriting Aid for their support. Their belief in our dream and sponsorship of our efforts has allowed us to make leaps forward in our progress! Additionally, using the ProWriting Aid tools has allowed us to drastically improve

How to Interpret Creative Commons Licenses
July 17, 2018 For Authors,Writing,Writing Advice Stacy Overby

With so many free resources, educational videos, and even free programs, many authors try their hand at doing the graphic design pieces to indie publishing. This can be an awesome way to save money. Let’s face it—being an indie author generally is not a super lucrative venture for those first few books. But, Author Beware:

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