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How to Interview Other Writers Effectively and Efficiently
January 2, 2018 For Authors,Networking Advice,Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

The art of interviewing anyone requires preparation, professionalism, and presentation.  Working with authors are no different. In general, the rules are simple but there are aspects of in person interviews, over the telephone or online, that require a full modifications. In General Be professional. Regardless of which type of interview, make sure you present yourself

Press Release and Free Publicity: Why, When, & How
December 21, 2017 For Authors,Networking Advice,Writing Advice Barbara Tyree

“Promote? I wrote the book, why should I have to do anything else?” After months of pouring your heart and soul into putting the perfect adjective, noun, or  adverb on the computer or paper, you finally completed that wonderfully scripted short story, or novel. The final draft and editing are done and you submit your manuscript

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