Book Review: They Call Me Murdered by Cyndi Lord

Book Review: They Call Me Murdered by Cyndi Lord
January 31, 2016 1 Comment Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: They Call Me Murdered
Author: Cyndi Lord
Genre: Supernatural Mystery/Thriller
Amazon Rating: 4.9 stars

Reviewed by: Stephanie Ayers

Cyndi LordCyndi Lord moved to North East Texas in 2005 where she lives on a ranch with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. An award winning author, she recently decided to go into semi-retirement from her career as a private investigator and research paralegal in order to write full time. Her novels incorporate her professional experience into the plots readers love to unravel along with the investigator.

She is active in a ministry to the homeless and enjoys many aspects of philosophy. As an animal lover, she is a vegan, and strong voice against cruelty to animals. Cyndi and her husband have nine adult children, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. For tranquility she loves to work in the garden, and bake. Painting nature scenes is her favorite joy after writing.


Unable to ignore the gift of channeling the dead, Sandy, a thirty-two year old private investigator, disregards most other-world intrusions. When a murdered University Professor contacts her through extraordinary means, she agrees to help.

Hectic and dangerous cases take her to the brink of death when she begins working with the entity propelled into her life. Trapped in the chasm of lies, deceit and murder, the twists launch her onto a roller coaster ride from hell. Certain no escape exists, she finds comfort with her dog, Drew, and his comical, unearthly abilities.
Will it all rob her of the happiness she’s found after being afraid of love? Or, will it cost her life as the spirit hints?


Joylynn forces Sandy to open up her supernatural abilities by communicating with her via computer. Her messages are cryptic, a mystery in themselves, that keeps Sandy’s mind preoccupied even during an investigation. In fact, Joylynn gets under her skin so much, she finds she wants to do nothing but solve her murder, and the result is a page turning, action filled, adventure into danger and ghostly encounters you won’t be able to put down.

Without a lot of backstory, Cyndi Lord goes right to the punch from page one, capturing interest and emotions for her protagonist, Sandra Derringer. Throughout the rest of the story, you learn so much more about the character that is Sandy you feel like you know her. With great character building, moments of humor, a little bit of snark, Sandra Derringer simply comes to life within the first two pages and never lets you down. Even in her weak moments (which are rare, as this is a very strong female character), she is lively and resourceful, yet very human. Add in her fiance, Scott, and her dog, Drew, along with the supporting cast of her sister and triplet nieces, and you have one very well-written and engaging book.

It’s not just about the story though. Cyndi’s way of writing is concise, realistic, and her dialogue is believable. Each person has a distinct voice that never leaves you guessing. She offers just enough description to put you in the scene while leaving the rest to your own imagination. You truly escape to Texas for 294 pages of enjoyable fun. The supernatural bits flow into the story just as smoothly as anything else creating a sense of realism while effective offering escapism all in one fell swoop.

As a reader who really likes to enjoy the chase all the way to the end of the story, I was a little disappointed that the mystery of Joylynn’s murder was so easily solved. The ride to discovery is fantastic, full of surprises, and action packed, however, and this is one story I will remember for a long time. I’m really happy there is more Sandra to come. I anticipate the same high quality storytelling and writing in every book in the Sandra Derringer Chronicles.



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