Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories. Most of them were written based on prompts.

The Heat is On

Always on my Mind

The Name Game 

The Rescue

Wild Red West 



Home for Christmas

Blizzard of 94

Crunchy Momma

Cinderella Syndrome

I Do Murder You

The Good Samaritan


Johnny’s Heart

The Most Unlikely Source

Pocket Finds

Queen of the Rack     

Compromising Position

Being Joan of Arc       

Waiting to Exhale

The Weight of Silence

Liquid Salt

Queen of Broken Hearts

That’s All She Wrote

Magic Carpet Ride

Most Unlikely Hero

Tomato Slice

Under the Willow Trees

BLBC12: Censored {A Contest Entry}

The Immortal

Once Upon a Pier

Odin’s Opus

The Ugly Sweatpants

Gold Medal Dreams (a collaboration)

Phoenix Rising

The Intruder

The Harlot and the Hitman



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