My Dark Side

Sometimes scary, sometimes the things that happen behind closed doors, and sometimes people are just crazy. here is my collection of stories from the darker side of life.

Mirror Image

Soul Survivor (poetry)

No Returns

The Voice

Alive and Kicking

Season of Change

The May Queen

Gone Viral



Karma by the Sea

A King, a Queen, and a Boneyard

War and Peace

Cleanliness is a Virtue

Home Again


A Covert Affair

Easy Prey

The Summoning

A carefully Ordered Life

Don’t Touch the Soap

Weapon of Choice

The Strangest Thing of All {Guest post}


Tiny’s Taco Hut

Whiskey Breath

On the Ninth Day

Those Damn Beavers

Mary Jane

Four Letter Words

The Forgetting

A Future Told

A Cry in the Night

Parents Just Don’t Understand

The Skeptic


The Puppet Master

Where the Love Is

Only One Rule

Holiday Leftovers


The Street Players

The Chair

Little Red Riding Hood

Master of the Dance

Hand in Hand

While We Were Sleeping

Smile and Wave

The Frequent Flyer Livery Service      Pt 2      Pt 3

Heads Will Roll

Tears of a Sinner

Summer Sundays at Mimi’s

The Thirteenth Year


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