100 Word Stories

10 Questions {Trifectra}

Guilty {100 W0rd Song}

Forever Love {Trifectra}

Zombies with a New Name {100 Word Song}

Camp Fantastic {Trifextra}

The Arsonist {100 Word Song}

The Boy Who Cried Wolf {Trifextra}

Faith {100 Word Song}

The Leader of the Pack (100 Word Song)

Telling Stories {100 Word Song}

Bad Moon Rising (Trifextra)

The Accused (#FridayFictioneers)

Wonderland Revisited (Trifextra)

Grey Street (100 Word Song)

The Hungry Fairy (Trifecta)

The Hunted (#Friday Fictioneers, 100 Word Challenge)

The Thirst (100 Word Song, #FridayFictioneers)

It’s a Horror (insipid) (Trifextra)

The Invasion (#Friday Fictioneers)

Ashes to Ashes (#FridayFictioneers)

Thirsty (Trifextra)

The End (Trifextra)



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