The Fichtean Curve

The Fichtean Curve

July 26, 2016 Writing Advice 0

This week we continue on with our story structure series. Today we will be looking at the Fichtean Curve. The Fichtean Curve is a popular story structure used by writers across genres from YA to fantasy to short stories. This structure has proven to work well in crafting exciting stories and is my personal favorite to use. So let’s take a closer look at it.

The Fichtean Curve starts with the inciting incident, so the action starts right away. The reader is hooked and immediately swept up into the action of events that change everything for the protagonist and propels the story forward.  This is followed by exposition—introducing the characters, the story world, and the story problem—mixed with rising action.

The Fichtean Curve starts with the inciting incident, so the action starts right away. @hijinkswriter #writingadvice #ourwriteside Click To Tweet

The rising action is comprised of three crises points of increasing intensity. These crises points also have their own rising and falling action. These build suspense and offer relief as you lead up to the main event. Each should be more dramatic than the preceding event, culminating in the climax.

The climax occurs two-thirds of the way into the story. This is where your protagonist and antagonist meet head-to-head in the most suspenseful event yet. This is also where your protagonist ultimately succeeds or fails to obtain their goal and solve the story problem.

The rest of the story is dedicated to the resolution where all loose ends are tied up and we see a new norm for the characters.

This structure since the crises points keeps the action coming and readers out of breath waiting to see what happens next. This structure is also great for pacing. Have you ever tried using the Fichtean Curve? What are your thoughts on this structure? Share your thoughts below and happy writing.


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