That’s one way to look at it

That’s one way to look at it

February 28, 2017 Two Word Tuesday Writing Prompts 4

Welcome to Two for Tuesday, where you are offered two similar, yet distinct, words to spark your imagination. One prompt will be an ordinary, oft used word. The other prompt will be a little more expressive, maybe even unfamiliar.

Each word will include a definition to help get you started.

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

What to do:

  1. Write in any genre – fiction, memoir, poetry, horror, mystery, fantasy, romance, YA – you get the idea.
  2. You must use one or both prompts in your story – any form, any tense, as long as it is grammatically correct. (For instance, if you’re given a noun, and can use it as an adjective by adding “ing,” or change it to an adverb with “ly,”  that is allowed.)
  3. Share the URL to your story in the comments OR, if you don’t have your own blog, share your story in the comments.
  4. Please keep your stories PG-13 or under, and be sparing with the swearing. This is a family-friendly kind of place. Please include trigger warnings where needed.

This week’s words are:

Perspicacious and/or Perceptive

[adj] having a ready insight into and understanding of things; having or showing sensitive insight.

The deadline to submit a story is midnight Monday, CST (5 a.m. Sunday, GMT)


4 Responses

  1. nonamedufus says:

    A very different take on The Princess and the “P”” at

  2. Stacy Overby says:

    Finally had some time to join in again! Some musings on perspicacity –

  3. Kate Loveton says:

    Here is my entry, “Cherry Pie,” using the two word prompts. I hope I haven’t missed the deadline for submission; I was a bit confused as to which week this challenge covered. Thanks for allowing me to participate!

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