Teacher Tales: Grandma’s House

Teacher Tales: Grandma’s House

December 23, 2015 Writing Advice 0

Today, I’m sharing a Christmas dinner poem, from the archives of my memory. Enjoy!

O holy night,

Let’s give thanks


Neck bones swimming in

Spaghetti sauce,


We kids,


Grandma’s homemade,

Baseball sized meatballs.

Grandma and Great Auntie,

Sneak a shot of Anisette

Behind closed pantry doors,


We kids,

Full of rigatoni and pizelles,

(but never calamari!),

Lie on full tummies

Encased in footie pajamas,

Watch good Ol’ Charlie Brown

Pick a scraggly tree


We kids,

Not yet fully aware

Of life and age

Beyond single digits,

Rest our sleepy eyes,


Of action figures and

Red Rider BB rifles.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Eric Keizer


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