Teacher Tales: Free Verse Challenge

Teacher Tales: Free Verse Challenge

April 13, 2016 Writing Advice 3

Saturday, Eric “Crow” Draven gave us a lesson on Free Verse poetry form. Today, I offer you my attempt to answer the challenge.

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Beneath the springtime rain,

And still bare trees,

We sip coffee,

while snippets of breaths,

float on  lakeside air.

We’re chilled, despite

steamed air and steamed milk,

steamy conversations,

remembered in hushed tones.

& maybe,

battles we fight inside


aren’t battles at all,

But, rather dreams

Of steam-

full heads, long forgotten.

Steamed snippets of breaths,

Float on lakeside air,

& We,

still chilled

Despite sipping on coffee,

Remember hushed battles

And whistling teakettles.

©2016 Eric Keizer

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3 Responses

  1. Lori Carlson says:

    Amazing free verse, Eric.. love the imagery and repetition throughout this piece.

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