The Darkroom: Bus stop

The Darkroom: Bus stop

April 21, 2016 The Darkroom Writing Prompts 2

Welcome to the Darkroom where we open our photo album to you to help spark your creativity. Each week we offer a new photo, but the story is yours to write.

The Rules, because there are always rules:

1. The photo is here to spark your imagination. Use it as the landscape for your story, to remind you of a moment in your past, or the punch line to a joke. Use the photo as inspiration in any way you want.
2. Your submission can be fiction or nonfiction, memoir, poetry, dark or humor – your pick.
3. Please no adult content, no racial or political posts. Also, where applicable, please include a trigger warning introduction.
4. Keep your word count between 700-1000. (Don’t worry if you go over, or under, we won’t count.)
5. Link to your submission’s post URL in comments. If you don’t have a blog, you can add your entry to the comments below.
6. Link to this page’s URL in your post.
7. Limit one entry per person.
8. Submission deadline is Wednesday, midnight CST (Thursday, 5 a.m. GMT)

This week’s prompt:

school bus stop sign

If 1,000 words seems daunting, and you want to try your hand at something more compact, check out the 100 Word Challenge at “Thin spiral notebook.” Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, midnight CST.


2 Responses

  1. Irene Ancrum says:

    Ever been in a situation that always seems dreading and the more you wish for it to be over, it stays around as time slowly drags by, making it longer and harder to bare? Well, that is my situation now and on the mornings of every weekday. I watched as this vehicle I call the school teleport time machine was approaching. There I was hoping that it would pass me by as I crunched over so tiny and easily hidden from the view. My hair covered up tightly with a hood, except for the one strand that so stubbornly liked to blow in the wind. I could already sense the tension and I could already hear the laughter of those that so readily taunted Sally and Sue. Oh in case you were wondering, those are my pigtails. Most think it’s weird that I’ve given them names, but when you don’t have any friends, you tend to make some up. They carry the same burden I do and live with the same pain so why not? I’m Abby by the way, but enough about that for now. So as I was saying, I could hear the tires of the school bus and I could see its bright yellow aura glistening in the rising sun. It was getting nearer and nearer to my house. I didn’t want to get on that bus. I never do. I’m always getting bullied. Not just any kind of bullying either, but rather the kind that makes your head so sore it pounds. The kind that by the time I get off of the bus by the school yard, Sally and Sue, in their once perfect slicked ponytail holders and lovely colored ribbons have now looked as if they have been attacked by Mr. Beady’s chemistry set in the science lab. I didn’t make this up you know. It’s a tease rhyme that Cynthia and the four C’s made up. Cynthia is the leader and perhaps the scariest girl in fifth grade. Her posse; Casey, Carmen, Christina, and Chuck (he’s the only boy Cynthia doesn’t boss around as much). They call themselves the four C’s because one day at recess they discovered that all of their names begin with the letter C and because they all have a common hobby of tormenting others. So back to their tease rhyme.

    “Abby Abby Ab
    once had pigtails that were bad
    So we pulled, and twist and yank them
    Until she looked like Danny Phatom
    Or as if she made an explosion in Mr. Beady’s science lab”

    Kids can be so cruel in middle school, but it’s a good thing it’s a snow day today and school is out because today is Friday which means it’s a whole day with not a strand of hair out of place, except for the stubborn strand. I think I’ll name her Zoe.

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