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Why Is A Good Book Cover Important?
December 22, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

Book covers. They’re the next biggest thing authors talk about after they write the manuscript, right? But, what goes into a good book cover? Why are they so important to get right? Some of the obvious answers probably come to mind at this point—they get people to stop at your book, they sell the book,

5 Strategies to Banish Your Writer’s Block
November 17, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

You sit at the keyboard staring at a blank screen. The cursor blinks, each time it feels a little more forceful, a little more condemning. Pressure keeps building until you finally throw your hands up and walk away because the words aren’t flowing. So now what? the trouble with waiting for writer’s block to pass

10 Helpful Publishing Options to Expose Your Work to the World
October 6, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

Often the writing, daunting as it may seem sometimes, is the easy part about writing. Even editing can be easier than deciding how to publish. There are so many options today and each has benefits and limitations. It’s important to understand each option and what it offers at what cost before choosing a publishing route.

How to Gain Powerful Street Cred with Real World Relationships
September 8, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

Online networking, social media, cyber-conventions, and more tend to dominate the conversation when it comes to writing life. It’s easy to get so focused on this stuff that real world relationships might get lost. You need people to do more than retweet, repost, and re-blog for you. Let’s discuss why. Connections         The first reason for

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