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Prepping for a Video Interview
August 8, 2018 For Authors,Networking Advice Nancy E Miller

The book is published. You’ve done primary marketing. Now it is time for the interviews. Whether it is a blog, video log, or print media, there are a few things to consider. Do Your Homework: Keep track of your scheduling. You don’t want to double book interviews. Make sure that when one is approaching, you

Diversity in Publishing and Marketing
October 9, 2017 For Authors,Marketing Advice,Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

  Many non-writing people think publishing is pretty much a linear process.  You submit the book; the publisher prints it.  Only authors understand the myriad of decisions one makes when taking your manuscript to print, marketing that print, and the image you present to the world. With Crystal Unicorns, I started with self-publishing and a

The Art of the Blurb
August 14, 2017 For Authors,Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

Have you ever been told to send a potential agent/publisher/pa a blurb of your story? The first time I heard this, my fingernail scratched my temple. “Huh? Say what? A blurb?” I never heard of this before, so off to google I went. Here’s what I learned: most blurbs start with “When.” Blurbs are generally

How to Plan a Marketing Schedule
May 28, 2017 For Authors,Marketing Advice,Writing Advice Heidi Angell

Hello Lovely authors! The key to success as an author: strong marketing! The first step to that is having a marketing plan. Every year, I spend from Thanksgiving until Christmas putting together my annual business plan, and one of the key elements of that business plan is the marketing.  If you didn’t do this yet,

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