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How to Build Complex Characters Using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
May 11, 2018 For Authors,Writing,Writing Advice Phoebe Darqueling

There are many ways to create characters. You could read tips on creating well-rounded characters or consult this infographic on how to achieve “epicness.” When it comes to defining intelligences and personality, some people like to use personality tests to find out more about the people who populate their fictional worlds. The Theory of Multiple

Writing Hijinks-Characterization Using Myer Briggs Types
February 2, 2016 Writing J.K. Allen

Characters bring our stories to life. The best plot will fall flat on its face if it’s peopled by weak characters. So how do we write well-rounded and fully dimensional characters? Let’s start with what characters need. First and foremost all characters, even minor characters, need a goal. Even if it’s just to be left

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