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Prepping for a Video Interview
August 8, 2018 For Authors,Networking Advice Nancy E Miller

The book is published. You’ve done primary marketing. Now it is time for the interviews. Whether it is a blog, video log, or print media, there are a few things to consider. Do Your Homework: Keep track of your scheduling. You don’t want to double book interviews. Make sure that when one is approaching, you

Author John Murphy
July 30, 2017 For Authors,Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Today our interview is with John Murphy, who just had a new book release earlier this month. John Murphy was a Corporal in the US Marine Corps. He graduated college and had a successful career in the software industry. He’s the father of 3 adult sons.  In addition to writing great stories to share, he

Diversity and Writing: The Intro
April 15, 2017 For Authors,Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

I’m not sure how one writes about diversity without irritating someone.  So this is my disclaimer: If I offend, leave a professional comment and I shall endeavor to be more aware in the future.  That’s the best I can do.  Diversity is all about inclusion or bringing together diverse ideas.  A variety, mixture, mélange that allows

Editing Romantic Suspense
March 27, 2017 Editing,For Authors,Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

The general editing rules apply for all fiction genres, but they all have certain expectations specific to them.  Romantic Suspense is no different. If you write Romantic Suspense, make sure you find an editor who is familiar with the genre.  I did not check that on my first venture and was horribly disappointed and duped. 

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