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Writing Book Reviews
August 30, 2017 Book Reviews,Writing Advice David Wiley

We’ve all been there before. We finished reading that book, the one that blew you away and now you want to share the news so that others know to pick up that same book and read it. So you decide that maybe it is time to try your hand at writing a review. After all,

Music A to Z: Dreaming Out Loud
May 13, 2014 Writing Stephanie Ayers

I’m really enjoying this new music meme. It’s allowing me to not only learn the names of the some of the songs I hear on the radio, but learn the lyrics too. I’ve been thinking about “D” all week, and it’s really been more like a dream…. I want to see you clearly Come closer

TMT: Open Realities
April 4, 2014 Writing Stephanie Ayers

I’m late, I know, but I’ve been at Camp (NaNo to be precise) working on both my novel-in-progress and my short story for submission to the 3rd anthology of Write on Edge’s Precipice AND life has been hurling one tornado after another my way. My husband surprised me with a trip to Atlantic City for

TMT: I'll Be There For You
January 28, 2014 Writing Stephanie Ayers

This week I’m making a feel good mixtape. I’m a peacemaker at heart, and as a Pisces, I’m also very empathetic. It really gets me down when a friend is feeling the blues. That being sad, I have a number of go-to songs to cheer myself up. They range in genre from Pour Some Sugar