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10 Ways to Fight off Writer’s Anxiety

It’s happened to all of us before. We sit down to write and get overwhelmed. Are we even any good at writing? Fear takes over and the screen is too white and blank and no words are coming. This is writer’s anxiety and it hampers

Why You Should Have Deadlines

It’s a cruel truth, but there are only 24 hours in a day. This can be especially hard for writers who have full time jobs or family obligations that cut into precious writing time. But if you want to write professionally, you have to carve

Ten Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. We all dread those two words. But everyone has experienced writer’s block at one point or another. So today, let’s discuss ten ways to work through writer’s block. Have a writing routine in place. When you know it’s writing time, you’ll actually write

Accepting Edits

Okay, so you’ve written a novel. Congratulations! That’s no easy feat, nor is it the last step of the writing process. Editing comes next. Now we’ve been talking about editing all month, what to do before you hire an editor, how to self-edit, and comma

How to Use the Comma and Semicolon

This month we are talking all about editing. This week we will clear up some common confusions people have about punctuation. People most commonly have a problem with commas, when to have them and when not to, and semicolons. A lot of people find commas really

How to Self-edit

You’ve finished writing your WiP, and it’s time to edit. Now this can be a daunting task to say the least. You’ve got a first draft, but now you need to get it to a finished manuscript. That takes some work, but it can be

Tips Before Hiring an Editor

When you’re finished with your first draft, it’s time to move onto the next phase, which is editing. Now editing is not easy to do and it’s definitely not something we should skimp on. I would tell everyone serious about publishing to hire an editor

Breaking Down the Synopsis

Congratulations, you’ve finished your novel. That’s quite a feat in itself. Now you’ve revised and edited it and are ready to query. But that means you need to have a synopsis ready to go, and these can be harder to write than your novel was.

Breaking Down the Blurb

Writing your story was hard, but now you have a new challenge to face, boiling it all down to 150 words. In other words, it’s time to write the blurb. Your blurb is the bit of writing on the back of your book that invites

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing the Query Letter

So last week we broke down the query letter paragraph by paragraph, but I wanted to talk a little more about query letters today. Query letters are so crucial and important to get right. So today let’s talk about dos and don’ts for writing the

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