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Defining Success: Setting and Keeping Your Individual Writing Goals

January is the season of goal-setting. The new year is a convenient place to begin new routines, though there really is no BAD time to start setting goals. I’ll wax poetic on the power of deadlines in a minute, but there are plenty of articles about the “should” of goal-setting without much guidance on the how or…
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January 27, 2018 0

How to Plan a Marketing Schedule

Hello Lovely authors! The key to success as an author: strong marketing! The first step to that is having a marketing plan. Every year, I spend from Thanksgiving until Christmas putting together my annual business plan, and one of the key elements of that business plan is the marketing.  If you didn’t do this yet,…
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May 28, 2017 0

Marketing in Minutes a Day

The life of an author is a constant struggle for balance. For most, that balancing act includes a full-time job, family, social commitments, writing, and then when writers hear “marketing” they throw their hands up feeling overwhelmed and demand that they don’t have any time. I’m here to show you how to add marketing to…
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April 20, 2017 1
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