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Adding Depth to Your World Building

This week we continue to talk about world building. We started with the basics of world building and diversity in world building. Today let’s talk about some more things to keep in mind as you craft your world and add depth to it. Conflict is

Diversity in Plot and Structure

There is an extremely popular author with dozens of bestselling books that I had to take a break from reading. Why? Because, for all her professional knowledge about her field and her engaging style of writing, the books started all looking the same.  Same plot

How to Pre-plan and Outline (Even if You’re a Pantser)

As the New Year begins, so do new writing projects. Whether you’ve finally decided to pen that story that’s been floating around your head all year, or you just got a burst of inspiration, you may be confused with how to get started. So let’s

How to Nail Your Pacing

Pacing is what keeps your readers up at night turning pages because they have to know what happens next. It can be the difference between an okay story and a great one. Good pacing makes your story memorable and exciting. So how do we nail

The Hero’s Journey

This week we have the last installation of my series on story structure. We’ll be taking a look at the Hero’s Journey, which is commonly used in fantasy and science fiction. But it can be adapted to other genres. Readers will connect with the familiarity

The Fichtean Curve

This week we continue on with our story structure series. Today we will be looking at the Fichtean Curve. The Fichtean Curve is a popular story structure used by writers across genres from YA to fantasy to short stories. This structure has proven to work

The Five Act Structure

Last week we looked at the Three Act Structure in this series about story structure. This week let’s look at the Five Act Structure. The Five Act Structure, also known as Freytag’s Pyramid, is a story structure commonly used when we look at things like

Pantslining: It’s all the Rage

In writing, the one complaint I hear above all others is “Do I have to have an outline?”  Pantsers (seat of the pants writers) would say no.  Outliners would say definitely.  I am more in the middle of the road and on my road, you

The Three Act Structure

Like houses, stories also need a strong structure. Structure helps to shape our stories and make them stronger and more powerful. There are several different structures that you can follow and I will outline several of them for you over the next few weeks, starting

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