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World Building: A Case for Imagination
May 24, 2017 Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

As the focus this month has been on world building, you’ve read a lot of articles talking about the process of world building, questions to ask when world building, and articles about when and where to world build according to genre. You’ve learned the dangers of overwriting, how to use your world as a character

Worldbuilding- It’s Not Just For Fantasy
May 11, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

Every time we sit down to write fiction, we are worldbuilding.  The term often brings the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre to mind but I know that in my genre, Romantic Suspense, I create worlds also. In my current book, SHARK BAIT, I created Belton Bay.  It’s a nice little town on the coast of South Carolina. 

What Makes Fantasy Different from Sci-Fi
February 2, 2017 Writing Advice Andy Peloquin

Fantasy and science fiction are both members of the “speculative fiction” genre (and my personal favorites). On the face of it, there couldn’t be two more different genres. One is all about space battles and aliens and futuristic technology, while the other is about medieval battles and mythical creatures and magic. But, if you look

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